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Marijuana Growing Time Lapse Video LED's BEAT HID!

Buying into the fastest growing cannabis horticulture development can be an expensive process and big mistakes can be made. 420Proguide will guide you through and review some of the top LED systems on the market today. Not only that they review bud trimmers,  grow tents and hydroponic systems.

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This is a time lapse video of marijuana being grown under LED lights from Hydro Grow LED.

500 WATTS of HYDRO GROW LED lights outperformed 1200 WATTS of HID lighting.

Greater yield, smoother buds.

Jack the Ripper Strain.

50% greater yields from Hydro Grow LED!

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Ever wanted to roll a perfect joint, but have no rolling experience? Well in this video tutorial we break down that process for you using a rolling machine, rolling paper, and filter tips. Together these items make it very simple to roll a joint without prior experience.You can go from never having rolled before to rolling super consistent clean joints in a matter of minutes once you learn the technique showcased here in this video tutorial. Some say rolling a joint is something to take pride, and shouldn’t be done with a machine, however they fail to recognize that not every one knows how to roll. If you can’t roll at all this machine provides a great alternative to the slow hand rolling method, and teaches you the concept of rolling which you can then in turn apply to rolling joints by hand more effectively. The machine always rolls very quickly, and makes rolling multiple joints in a row no problem at all. Even when only making one joint the machine saves time, and lets you get that thing burning faster. Something that all smokers can respect. By following our step by step video guide we show you how to pack the machine with weed, insert the paper, roll the weed into place, and seal the joint perfectly. You said you would learn how to roll yesterday what are you waiting for?

In the future we will show you how to roll in a pinch, but if possible we highly recommend the rolling machine shown in the video as it leaves little room for error, and produces a high quality slow burning joint every single time. You may struggle inserting the paper your first time, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes very easy, and saves a ton of time.
Video Rating: / 5

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How To Roll The Perfect Joint. Every Time.

[youtube id=”LDvCJywosJU” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″]

Tony Greenhand has made a career out of rolling joints (https://www.instagram.com/tonygreenhand). You can read our epic profile on Tony here (http://www.voc.tv/tonygreenhand)

Vocativ filmed him at his home in Oregon, where recreational marijuana was legalized in 2015. Given all that, it’s no surprise he’s a perfectionist when it comes to the basics, and his step-by-step tutorial walks through the nine steps to a stupendous jay.

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On Wednesday, we were invited to 1 Percent’s pop-up shop on the Lower East Side for a joint rolling tutorial with Tommy Chong. The timing of our lesson could not have been better: Nancy Grace had just hosted an acid trip of a marijuana debate with 2 Chainz, and while it’s easy to underestimate the weathered smoker, Tommy Chong has a long and distinguished history of ethering pundits on deep cable news shows.

During our conversation with Chong, the 76-year-old comedian gave us his take on #Pot2Blame, spoke about the inherent racism in marijuana legislation, and (of course) taught us how to roll a perfect joint. Enjoy.

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How to Roll a Joint Like Tommy Chong from Complex.

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First time marijuana grow. Aerogarden!

[youtube id=”HRfu6kDaK9w” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″]

First time growing weed. Aerogarden/ fox farms/ 42 watt cfls
Video Rating: / 5

[youtube id=”SbYwWQRKq3U” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″]

This is my second attempt to grow some weed in an aerogarden, started this bush of kush March 12, 2011. Learned a lot from my first attempt and I know the aerogarden isnt the best system to grow weed in but im not trying to sell so fuck it..

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My First time Eating a Cannabis Edible

[youtube id=”W6WK-xm1UvE” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″]

My First time Eating a Pot Edible was when I was 17, it was a weed cookie and it was Christmas day. Happy holidays to all and I hope this Video finds its way to your funny bone.
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Intro music – The search by joakim Karud
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Ohio Dr. says Patient Wasting His Time.

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Asking for Ohio Medical Marijuana recommendation Doctor Abuse Morphed Voices and private information removed to protect doctor and patient. it is not illegal to record in Ohio as long as one of the party knows. I didn’t like to do it, but I know this doctor to get loud, rude and refuse to listen, I was also afraid that the doctor would fire me, as most chronic pain patient knows that a doctor can and will put anything whether true or not in records and that can lead to being black balled. I wanted to show Ohioians the truth behind chronic pain patients life. this time He was milder than usually. And it took everything in me to get the guts up to ask for a recommendation, I have 3-5 things listed in Ohio’s regulations, plus extras that prevent me from taking even the simplest medication such as alieve or ibpruphan and other otc. He just wants to give me shots, that I’ve already had in the past and didn’t work, one time he didn’t give me any numbing shots and I came off the table and immediately went into shock that lasted two days.
Ohio logo used for educational purposes only found at http://crrh.org/news/node/6564
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Are Canadian Marijuana Stocks Undervalued? Is Now a Good Time to Buy?

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A good read on investing
My thoughts on the sector right now and whether it is a decent time to invest. This is only really looking at the big companies like canopy growth, aurora, supreme pharmaceuticals, and aphria. The smaller marijuana companies are more risky but can provide value if you somehow know for certain that the management is good and has what it takes to compete.
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Most Potent Brownie – Epic Meal Time

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Get ready for 4/20 with this insane, herb infused, hydroponic, THC infused special brownie!

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Most Potent Brownie – Epic Meal Time
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Hey meine lieben YouTube Freunde!

Die Brownies sind BOMBE geworden muss ich schon sagen 🙂
habe das ganze probiert von der Wirkung war das sehr stark
dieses Rezept ist für 4 Personen in dieser Mänge gedacht.
Viel Spaß bei selber machen!!!

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