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Police threaten arrest & By-Law action for medical marijuana patient.

[youtube id=”NGelz99uI5U” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″]

Thought I would go gor a bike ride & chill at the beach & medicate cause I was having a bad day and high Anexity.
DRPS wanted to kno if i was licensed and how many grams I had on me..
I medicate as he runs my name like a common criminal,, for going out of the way to medicate…
Stop the Stigma,, I was threaten with arrest at my house at a later date if when he calls my LP doesnt vaildate my prescription and asked if By-Law had ever trespassed me for smoking on city property in public..
.Other then that he wasnt that bad of a copper,,,, He did say that he still arrests people for simple possession. WTF????
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