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How to Select a Cannabis Strain

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How to Select a Cannabis Strain

Secrets of the Pink Kush: How to Select a Cannabis Strain
by Billy Budd (William H. Bradshaw)

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Secrets of the Pink Kush
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Partial Video Transcript
The information in this video and/or transcript can be found in my book Secrets of the Pink Kush by William H. Bradshaw and is available in hard copy or e-book on Amazon.com. Please be advised that the book may be banned from some book stores in some countries due to the many secrets and/or content revealed in this three volume textbook for advanced students. This video describes the general processes for selecting a cannabis strain for growing and for medicinal purposes.

How To Select A Cannabis Strain
You need to select a strain based upon your medical needs as well as your growing method. Sativas provide antidepressant effects while indicas provide analgesic effects. Pure strains provide, respectively, either a high with no pain relief or pain relief without a high. I recommend hybrids due to their combined effect. If you just want pain relief without a high or paranoia then choose a pure indica.

• Tetraploids – genetically modified plants are not suitable for growing into trees. Due to their slow vegetative growth they are not commercially viable. They are great for Sea of Green though, due to their genetic superiority. If you do not care about yield and simply want the highest quality then grow tetraploids into trees. You should get 40% THC levels and the best smoke on the planet bar none. I do highly recommend growing tetraploids into trees for cancer patients regardless of the extra growing costs. This is the most effective pain relief available.

• Sativas are not suitable for Sea of Green as they will not begin to flower (“flip”) based upon the light cycle reduction from 18 to 12 hours. They flip after they mature. Sativas are equitorials and are not used to long days anyway. Sativas take longer to flower and the yields are much lower. They do provide, however, the highest THC and best antidepressant effect. Sativa is a day time smoke and will not create a couch lock effect.

Medical Conditions and Suggested Cannabis Strains:
o Cancer: Tetraploid vegged and flowered to full maturity as trees. This is the strongest cannabis on the planet.
o Multiple Sclerosis: Indica or hybrid.
o Parkinsons: Indica
o Anxiety: Indica
o Insomnia: Indica
o Depression: Sativa
o HIV/AIDS: Hybrid
o Spinal Cord Injury: Indica ∆8-tetrahydrocannabivarin decreases oxidative stress and inflammatory conditions
o Spinal Cord Disease: Hybrid
o Arthritis: Indica ∆8-tetrahydrocannabivarin decreases inflammatory conditions
o Epilepsy: Sativa or indica or hybrid with 3 specific compounds for seizure control. Cannabidiol, ∆9-tetrahydrocannabivarin and GWP42006 were shown to significantly reduce the number and severity of seizure episodes in rats.
o – Dr Ben Whalley

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Cannabutter or Canna-oil? The Best Cooking Oil For THC Cannabis Infusions: Marijuana Tips & Tricks

Cannabutter or Canna-oil? What is the Best Cooking Oil For THC Cannabis Infusions? We find out today on Marijuana Tips & Tricks. Save 10% in the RuffHouse Smoke Shop with the code: “CANNABASICS”: http://www.ruffhousestudios.com

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Today we are running an experiment to determine which oil is best for infusing THC. Butter oil, coconut oil and olive oil are each infused and tested with the new tcheck THC tester to determine which one resulted in the strongest or highest THC content.

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Strain Showcase – Moon Rocks from Star Budz


Gil’s blasting off with Moon Rocks on this episode of the Strain Showcase. Huge shoutout to Star Budz 760 in Victorville, California for providing a stellar jar of celestial boulders, which is Jetfuel OG at its core, wrapped with Star Budz 760 house OG shatter, then rolled in some Girl Scout Cookies kief. It’s an indica throughout.

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Check out Star Budz 760’s entire weedmenu on Weedmaps: https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/starbudz760

These Moon Rocks are created a little differently than other versions. They’ve managed a way to sort of wrap the shatter around the nug using a low temperature instead of using heat to drip it into the flower.

Gil’s nose is hit with a potent OG smell, and when he tries to break up these moon rocks, some kiefy goodness sticks right to his fingers. For this Showcase, Gil’s chooses his Honey Supply Glass bubbler and his trusty N8, Nathan Miers bowl piece. We have lift off as Gil sets fire to the oily, kiefy, bud, giving a very solid OG indica high that has him floating through space. Once landing back down on Earth, Moon Rocks will keep you in a trusty indica couchlock, certain to relax away your pains.

Honey Supply Glass: https://instagram.com/honeysupplyglass/
Nathan Miers: https://instagram.com/nathan_miers/

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Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint Marijuana Strain

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We picked up the Girl Scout Cookies Thin MInt Marijuana Strain at the Ganja Goddess in Seattle. Produced by Puffin Farms.

Purportedly the Original Girl Scout Cookies is a cross between a Durban Poison and an OG Kush and the Thin Mint is a phenotype of that.

The numbers:

THC: 21.8
CBD: 0.2%
Terpenes: 2.94%
Total Cannabinoids: 27.9%

Once we ground it up there was a peppermint or thin mint scent to it. Really.

The dry toke has a slight licorice or anise taste which I imagine is from the Durban Poison influence.

Smooth smoke with a nice effect. No distinct taste on the smoke but very good weed. Excellent buzz.

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Jack Herer marijuana seed strain review

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Jack Herer is a classic strains most have tried. The effects are very up and sativa like, with a lot of relaxation in there. The smell is very spicy sweet.
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How To Grow Cannabis Seeds – Make Your Own Marijuana Strain

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In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to pollinate and harvest cannabis seeds that can later be used to cross with other strains.. to create our own strains! Pheno hunting is a dedicated hobby.. it takes patience.. but it’s worth it!

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