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Top Marijuana Penny Stock Reviewed (Good or Bad)?

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Call it marijuana, call it cannabis, even call it pot, but all sorts of penny stock companies are jumping on board the “greenrush.”

The vast majority of these pot penny stocks are highly overpriced, but ACAN may be one of the top marijuana companies… or are they?

We look into what makes Americann good, and what is not so good, in this quick review.

Other pot and marijuana penny stocks:

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HEMP Stock UP 600% Marijuana Investment

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HEMP Stock Buy Buying Penny Stocks Medical Marijuana Stocks HEMP is a company that I already own stock in and is at a good point right now where I think I should buy some more. These Pot Stocks have the potential to go through the roof and I would suggest taking a look at them and buying if you are interested. Thank You for watching and please Share my Videos Comment on the Like them and Make sure you are Subscribed..;-)

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In this episode Investing in Cannabis has our first product launch. The co-founders of Plus Gum, Jake and Crunchy, come onto our show to launch their product with our host, Brandon. They discuss the creation of the gum, terpene stripping, and a host of other issues facing cannabis startups including raising money, scaling, and distribution.

Plus Gum is the perfect medical cannabis edible. It’s fast acting: you can feel the effect in as few as five minutes. It’s low calorie: fewer than 5 calories per piece. And it tastes great: we are able to completely remove the taste of marijuana while leaving the active ingredients intact.

Learn more about PlusGum: http://plusgum.com/

Learn more about and subscribe to the Investing in Cannabis podcast: http://investingincannabis.tv/

Contact us with any questions, thoughts, ideas for our show here: investingincannabis@gmail.com

This article was first published on http://www.cannabisworld.biz.