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Mr Hemp – headshop in Camden Market, London.

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Mr Hemp is a pot smoker’s paradise because inside is like a mini Amsterdam but…………………..conveniently located in London.
This place is great for all those into their weed smoking……..there are bongs (including gas mask bongs), pipes, rolling papers, hookahs, tins, lighters, grinders (wooden and metal) and many other smoking stuff.
Mr Hemp doesn’t only just deal in smoking apparatus and hash pipes they also stock tobacco, incense, Cannabis candy & Cannabis drinks.
This Head-shop is located in the world famous Camden Stables Market.
Video recorded on 22nd January 2014

Here’s a link to Mr Hemp’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mr-hemp/1392599674292285?fref=ts


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Glass bong VS Smoking pipe i got sent and where to get them! Sick dab rig for UNDER 30$!

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Why The Effects Of Eating Marijuana Are Different From Smoking

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Explaining the reasons why eating marijuana is truly different from smoking.
TheDrugClassroom is dedicated to providing the type of drug education that everyone deserves. Drugs are never going to leave the culture and there has never been a culture free from drugs.

Therefore, it only makes sense to provide real education that is free from propaganda.

TDC doesn’t advocate drug use but we operate with the intention of reducing the harm that some substances can bring.

Feel free to ask questions!
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Smoking marijuana does not harm lungs: study says

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Smoking marijuana does not harm lungs: study says


A US government-funded study has found smoking marijuana regularly for up to seven years does not impair lung function. Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s School of Medicine monitored the lung function of over 5,000 young men and women over 20 years between 1985 and 2006, and found that smoking pot for seven ‘joint years’ – which means 365 joints a year – does not alter lung function. However, experts say this will probably not push forward the legalization of medical marijuana, as the drug poses other health risks.

Sources: New York Times, CBS, LA Times, AFP
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The DEA recently decided to keep marijuana a schedule 1 drug, meaning it has no medical benefits. This is clearly false. Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick), John Iadarola (ThinkTank), and Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


“The Obama administration has decided marijuana will remain on the list of most-dangerous drugs, fully rebuffing growing support across the country for broad legalization, but said it will allow more research into its medical uses.

The decision to expand research into marijuana’s medical potential could pave the way for the drug to be moved to a lesser category. Heroin, peyote and marijuana, among others, are considered Schedule I drugs because they have no medical application; cocaine and opiates, for example, have medical uses and, while still illegal for recreational use, are designated Schedule II drugs.

The Drug Enforcement Administration said the agency’s decision came after a lengthy review and consultation with the Health and Human Services Department, which said marijuana “has a high potential for abuse” and “no accepted medical use.” The decision means that pot will remain illegal for any purpose under federal law, despite laws in 25 states and District of Columbia that have legalized pot for either medicinal or recreational use.

Advocates have long pushed for the federal government to follow suit.”*

Read more here: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-us-prohibition-medical-marijuana-20160810-story.html

Hosts: Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore
Cast: Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore


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Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. Young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations. (American Heritage Dictionary)

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21+ older. We have some fire here from Green Collar Cannabis and we are gonna smoke for 5 minutes! We have some pre rolls, some flowers, and some oil ready to go! We start with a joint and commends to smoking for the whole 5 minutes to see how high we can get. We hit the Dab vac, cheech comic book bong, pulse sidecar, and the dabtime bubbler while we smoke a joint! The preroll actually locks up from the resin and not much smoke comes out! We get high and sweaty! 10 minutes of smoking weed will be fun to try! Enjoy!!!!


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Smoking weed out of a vase bong with Brando! We found this vase bong at a local smoke shop for , which is actually a pretty good deal considering most smoke shops sell overpriced china glass. The bong is around 20 inches high, and is SUPER thick and weighs a good 12 – 15lbs. This bong is very heavy duty!

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Smoking Weed With Glass Blunt 7 Pipe

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In this episode of Loaded Up’s Stoners React. We React to the Glass Blunt by 7 Pipe and take Bong hits with the Glass Blunt

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Smoking Weed With Glass Blunt 7 Pipe

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Smoking Out Of Rose Quartz and Opal Bowls

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This video is intended for legal cannabis patients & adults.
Legal Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Patient.

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Longing – Joakim Karud

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Vaping vs. Smoking Pot: Which is Better For You?

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New York is the next US state set to legalize medical marijuana, but you may not be able to smoke it! Only certain methods of intake, like vaporizing, will be legalized. Tara breaks down the difference between vaping and smoking weed.

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Read More:
NY Legalizes Medical Marijuana: How Vaping Pot Is Different from Smoking
“The new law also bars smoking the marijuana flower, and instead limits people to either taking pills, consuming the plant’s oils or extracts, or “vaporizing” the drug.”

Watch More:
Do Smart Students Smoke More Pot?

Test Tube Wild Card

Why Weed Makes You Lazy


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Many people don’t realize that – aside from cannabis – there are other herbs that provide medicinal value that you can vaporize.

Which herbs will you try?

For more guidance on vaporizing cannabis AND other herbs, check out Mandee’s online course: https://www.learngreenflower.com/courses/14/vaporize-cannabis-mandee-lee

Try This is an education show all about cannabis and cannabis products. Every week, we share with you, how-to videos, product reviews and more, to help you get the most value from our favorite plant.

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Thank for for watching guys!!!! It’s nice to just sit down and talk to yall like we’re homies. This experience was really prominent in my life and I wanted to share this crazy experience with you guys and just be open! And it feels nice!!! I hope you guys have a wonderful day/night and tell your parents you love them!!!!

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