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Cannabis Coconut Oil – Easy Recipe Combats Pain, Nausea, Seizures

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Cannabis Coconut Oil – Easy Recipe Combats Pain, Nausea, Seizures, and More

As scientific research takes baby steps into the medicinal qualities of cannabis, we find the door opening to an infinite view of what this extremely powerful plant can do for our health.
There is now no question that cannabis can be used to treat and even cure many of our ills.

What can we do with this knowledge? Why, make cannabis coconut oil of course!

Fortunately, the governments in North America are loosening restrictions on the medical use of marijuana based on recent research and it is becoming easier to obtain. If you can, get some, store it in a cool, dry, dark place, and use it when you need it.

How to Use Marijuana as Medicine

Combined with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil as a carrier, the possibilities for medical cannabis are almost limitless! Coconut oil in itself is a highly nutritious food and personal care salve.

Moisturizing and cleansing for the skin with antibacterials and antioxidants, coconut oil can also be used on hair to thicken and promote new growth. When eaten, it benefits every cell of your body. Coconut oil has been found to reduce “bad” cholesterol levels, boost metabolism, reduce inflammation and relieve pain, balance hormones, and promote brain and digestive health via its medium-chain fatty acids. It’s been found effective in combating depression and in killing cancer cells.

As a flavorful oil, it is a perfect versatile carrier for herbs and spices used medicinally.

Cannabis, on the other hand, has been used as a medicine for millennia to treat anxiety, asthma, pain, and nausea. One of its most important antioxidant effects is reducing inflammation in the body, which is always a precursor to illness and disease. Only in recent years has it been found that can be used for the treatment of Crohn’s disease and other immune system-related digestive disorders (like irritable bowel syndrome), cancer, post traumatic stress disorder, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and more. It’s so potent because human cells contain receptors specifically for cannabinoids—even in the brain, with implications for the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative disease.

Cannabis & Coconut Oil: a Virtual Panacea

As with all plants, there are many varieties of cannabis.

Knowing which is best for your target treatment will help you to choose the appropriate one. The two most active phytochemicals in marijuana are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). They are fat soluble, which is another reason that coconut oil is an ideal delivery partner.

THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis, CBD is not.

Marijuana (Latin: cannabis sativa) strains high in THC are better for asthma, pain, nausea, digestive and sleep disorders, and glaucoma:

“Some cannabinoid agonists (WIN 55212-2, anandamide) have demonstrated, in experimental studies, to act as «ideal drugs» in the management of glaucoma, as they have been shown to have good tolerability after topical application, efficiently reduce intraocular pressure, and behave as neuroprotectors on retinal ganglion cells.” (1).

Higher concentrations of CBD have better results for the treatment of cancer, tumors, chronic pain, seizures, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and psychological and neurological disorders.
“CBD seems to offer natural protection against the marijuana high. Numerous studies suggest that CBD acts to reduce the intoxicating effects of THC, such as memory impairment and paranoia. CBD also appears to counteract the sleep-inducing effects of THC, which may explain why some strains of cannabis are known to increase alertness. Both CBD and THC have been found to present no risk of lethal overdose. However, to reduce potential side effects, medical users may be better off using cannabis with higher levels of CBD.”(2)

Sativa family flowers contain higher levels of CBD and the indica varieties are higher in THC. Raw cannabis is not psychoactive; heating it causes a chemical reaction in which the tetrahydrocannbinolic acid (THCA) in cannabis loses a carbon atom, forming THC. By decarboxlyating marijuana before use in a tincture, skin balm, or food, you transform the active ingredient to get its most protective effects; THC more readily attaches to cannabinoid receptors in the body than THCA.

Making coconut cannabis oil is easy; finding the right plant variety may require some experimentation, as everyone’s personal body chemistry is unique.

Regardless of which variety you choose, you are doing a good thing to support overall health.

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Take it easy and make these no-bake Stoner Chocolate Balls

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Cooking up edibles at home is fun, but sometimes it’s nice to get baked without doing any baking or firing up the stove. Here’s a video how-to for making no-bake Stoner Chocolate Balls.

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Weed Grandma's Recipe for Cannabis Cream

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Vanessa makes a weed-infused pastry cream for Nonna Marijuana’s dinner party.

Weed Grandma Shows Us How to 420 Braise It: http://bit.ly/2jDfp78

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How To Make Ayahuasca Tea

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Ayahuasca Recipe – How to Make Ayahuasca

To experience this life-changing medicine for yourself, visit:

There is one thing that calls each and every single person to Ayahuasca.

From around the world, we are all “feeling the call” to this sacred plant medicine, and all that it can do for us.

What feeds that call?

A search for freedom. For answers. For purpose. For why we are here. For the deepest joy that we can only discover within…

Collectively, we are evolving. The world as we know it, has changed, and continues to, every day.

The old way of living, the old way of doing things – living out of alignment with our Highest Truth – no longer works.

If we continue that path, we suffer a great deal of inner turmoil… but we’ve been programmed, to feed “the beast” – the system, that is designed to keep us asleep, enslaved, in fear…

The time has come. We are waking up. And this medicine, Mother Ayahuasca, and other sacred plant medicines, are re-emerging, to help us through these times when we need it most.

These sacred plant medicines, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote, have been teachers to our elders, the indigenous that used to sit with them, commune with them, and learn from them, for thousands of years.

We, The Ayahuasca Healings Family, are committed to Truth. To Love. To Freedom. To the ending of suffering for all of humanity, and the remembering of Joy for us all.

We have brought Ayahuasca to America, to the USA, where we need it most, collectively speaking. This country is one of the ones held strongest by the need for more, the need to accomplish, achieve, and accummulate…

And we know, by serving the USA, we are making the greatest impact into the collective Remembering of the True Secrets of the Heart.

Imagine a world without fear, a world without pain, a world without lack, limitation, competition, anger, jealousy, or war.

Imagine a world of love, of peace, of unity, of joy, of freedom, family, community, and connection, to our Deepest Essence, of Who We Really Are.

It’s happening. It’s inevitable. It is destiny for our Humanity. And Ayahuasca, you, me, and every single one of us in the Ayahuasca Healings Family, are just playing our part, to perfection.

It’s going to happen. Just watch.

Join us. Join the movement. Experience the medicine for yourself, if you feel the call…

Visit https://ayahuascahealings.com/

With SO much love, committed to our collective awakening,
The Ayahuasca Healings Family

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Weed Apple Pie Recipe | Edibles

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These weed apple pies are delicious and will get you stoned out of your mind. What more could you want?
Edibles: Mini Apple Pies
Makes about 5 pies

Start by prepping Cannabutter:
28 Grams of Weed
1 Cup of Butter
Cheese Cloth

1. Decarb the weed by baking the weed at 200˚F for 90 minutes on a baking sheet.
2. In a small pot, melt the butter at a slower low temperature to avoid any burning.
3. Once the butter is melted, add the decarbed weed and stir on low for between 1-3 hours, then remove from heat.
4. Strain the butter and weed mixture through a cheese cloth into a sealable container.
5. Let cool.

Mini Apple Pies
– 4 Honeycrisp Apples, peeled and diced
– Juice of 1/2 Lemon
– 2-3 Tbsp of Cannabutter
– 3/4 Cup Brown Sugar
– 1 Tbsp Corn Starch
– 1 Tbsp Cinnamon, ground
– 1 Tsp Nutmeg, ground
– 1/3 Cup Water
– Pie Dough (depends on shape of the final product, but 2 boxes of dough yields about 5 tarts)

1. Preheat the oven to 425˚F.
2. In a pan, gently heat the weed butter over medium heat until melted.
3. Add the diced apples and lemon juice and gently cook until the apples are soft, but not mushy.
4. Add the brown sugar, corn starch, cinnamon, nutmeg and water and stir gently until the sauce thickens and coats the apples.
5. Transfer the filling onto a pan and cool. Put the filling in the fridge to help it cool faster.
6. Roll the pie dough out and cut into rectangles. Make sure the top layer of pie dough is a little bigger than the bottom piece so it will seal correctly.
7. Once the filling is cool, scoop a few spoonfuls onto the bottom piece of pie dough. Place the top piece over it and press the edges gently so it seals. They can also be cut and pressed to make more even edges.
8. Using a serrated knife, cut a few slits into the top of the tarts.
9. On a sheet tray lined with parchment, bake the tarts for 20-25 min or until golden brown.
Pro tip: If you want a stronger dose, you can also melt some additional Cannabutter and drizzle it over the top of the tarts.
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Herb Roasted Cornish Hen Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 845

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To get this complete recipe with instructions and measurements, check out my website: http://www.LauraintheKitchen.com

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dum aloo recipe | kashmiri shahi dum aloo recipe | kashmiri dum aloo

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dum aloo recipe | kashmiri shahi dum aloo recipe | kashmiri dum aloo

recipe: http://hebbarskitchen.com/dum-aloo-recipe-kashmiri-shahi-dum-aloo-recipe-kashmiri-dum-aloo/

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Easy Cannabis Tea Recipe

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Easy Cannabis Tea Recipe

For those who are Cannabis Edible curious and looking for a simple, inexpensive way to try ingesting the herb, this Cannabis Tea Recipe is an easy DYI option to try at home. Go to TheEdibleDigest.com for a text version.
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How to make Sweet Canna Honey (Simple Recipe)

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How to make Sweet Canna (Cannabis Infused) Honey

-1 cup honey
-10g abv herb

-pour abv herb into a cheesecloth and tie securely
-bring honey to a low simmer on medium low heat
-add cheesecloth with abv herb into the honey
-simmer for 2 hours to allow for infusion
-store canna honey in a jar

Elevate your morning coffee or tea with some Canna Honey!!!

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Liquid Marijuana Drink Recipe

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This is the recipe for the Liquid Marijuana Drink or shot. Potheads this drink does not contain any Marijuana, and it’s legal in all 50 states, as long as you are 21. The Bald Chef shows you how to make this Urban cocktail for the 420 set. Found a picture of Kim Kardashian on the melon midori oh my! For more information on the Liquid Marijuana Drink Recipe http://www.thebaldchef.net/liquid-marijuana-cocktail-recipe.php This liquid marijuana cocktail has the color of the best buds town and if you drink it, or at least enough of them you get high as a kite legally as long as your 21.

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