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US Govt Supplies This Man With 11 Oz of Marijuana Every Month!

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Irvin Rosenfeld HB 5470 Michigan Medical Marijuana Testimony… Mr. Rosenfeld from Patients Out of Time testifies before the State of Michigan Committee on Government Operations on Tuesday November 28th, 2006.

The longest surviving federal marijuana smoker in the United States, Irvin Rosenfeld, is alive and well.

After 22 years as a patient in the Federal Drug Administrations Investigational New Drug (IND) Program, Irv is celebrating.

On November 20, 2004, the twenty-second anniversary of his entry into the IND Program, Irv invites members of the press to interview him, remotely or in person.

The United States government prohibits the therapeutic use of cannabis for all of its citizens except the magnificent seven. Four of these seven, including Irv, were the subject of the Chronic Cannabis Use in the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program Study conducted in Missoula, MT in 2001. The complete report can be found here, click here to view [pdf]

Irv a Board member of this patient advocacy organization will be happy to explain why after 22 years, and consuming over 3,000 ounces of smoked marijuana, he is alive and well.

Contact for Mr. Rosenfeld:

(954) 536-9011 (954) 229-9937
skipperirv@aol.com or irosenfeld@newbridgesecurities.com
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World's Youngest Cannabis Patient – 3 Month Old Infant

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World's Youngest Cannabis Patient - 3 Month Old Infant Now Seizure Free Due To CBD - SGTV Colorado

http://smokersguide.com – Amylea Nunez is the world’s youngest medical marijuana patient. She was born with a rare form of epilepsy that caused up to 15 seizures a day.

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This article was first published on http://www.cannabisworld.biz.