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Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint Marijuana Strain

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We picked up the Girl Scout Cookies Thin MInt Marijuana Strain at the Ganja Goddess in Seattle. Produced by Puffin Farms.

Purportedly the Original Girl Scout Cookies is a cross between a Durban Poison and an OG Kush and the Thin Mint is a phenotype of that.

The numbers:

THC: 21.8
CBD: 0.2%
Terpenes: 2.94%
Total Cannabinoids: 27.9%

Once we ground it up there was a peppermint or thin mint scent to it. Really.

The dry toke has a slight licorice or anise taste which I imagine is from the Durban Poison influence.

Smooth smoke with a nice effect. No distinct taste on the smoke but very good weed. Excellent buzz.

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