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Joe Rogan on Betsy DeVos

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Joe Rogan Experience
Episode #950
Joe Rogan and Abby Martin talk about Betsy DeVos, Jeff Sessions, guns in school, and drugs.
African Americans being arrested for having medical marijuana to protect jobs.
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Medical Marijuana Defining High Grade
Medical Marijuana
Medical Cannabis Defining High Grade

Learn how to distinguish high-grade medical marijuana from lower grade product. Most people who live outside of a medical marijuana state rarely, if ever, see medical marijuana, so understanding the different characteristics, potency and other factors can help nedical marijuana patients find the best option.


Medical Marijuana Defining High Grade
Medical Marijuana
Medical Cannabis Defining High Grade
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Strain Showcase – Moon Rocks from Star Budz


Gil’s blasting off with Moon Rocks on this episode of the Strain Showcase. Huge shoutout to Star Budz 760 in Victorville, California for providing a stellar jar of celestial boulders, which is Jetfuel OG at its core, wrapped with Star Budz 760 house OG shatter, then rolled in some Girl Scout Cookies kief. It’s an indica throughout.

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Check out Star Budz 760’s entire weedmenu on Weedmaps: https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/starbudz760

These Moon Rocks are created a little differently than other versions. They’ve managed a way to sort of wrap the shatter around the nug using a low temperature instead of using heat to drip it into the flower.

Gil’s nose is hit with a potent OG smell, and when he tries to break up these moon rocks, some kiefy goodness sticks right to his fingers. For this Showcase, Gil’s chooses his Honey Supply Glass bubbler and his trusty N8, Nathan Miers bowl piece. We have lift off as Gil sets fire to the oily, kiefy, bud, giving a very solid OG indica high that has him floating through space. Once landing back down on Earth, Moon Rocks will keep you in a trusty indica couchlock, certain to relax away your pains.

Honey Supply Glass: https://instagram.com/honeysupplyglass/
Nathan Miers: https://instagram.com/nathan_miers/

About Weedmaps TV
Weedmaps TV is the YouTube channel for Weedmaps. Our channel is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in the cannabis community. From Strain Showcases and Tech and Product Reviews, to How To videos, tutorials, and coverage of marijuana industry events, weed skits, and more, our channel is designed for the seasoned toker and the canna-curious. Whether you’re an experienced smoker or new to the world of weed, prefer sativa or indica, flowers or oil, Weedmaps brings you closer to cannabis culture and the cannabis community.

Weedmaps is the top medical and recreational marijuana dispensary finder on the planet. We have the most marijuana dispensaries, doctors, and deliveries in one place with up-to-date information on menu items, reviews, and deals. With more than 1.3 million User Reviews to guide you and a community more than 875,000 people strong, Weedmaps is all you need in weed.

If you are searching for a retail or medical marijuana dispensary, Weedmaps is the simplest and most reliable way to find what you need. Look up your local dispensaries and check out updated menu items for available medication, marijuana strains, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, any marijuana-related product, and nearby daily deals, discounts and exclusive offers.

Weedmaps is also an active advocate for marijuana legalization and supports the legalization movement. We work towards reforming marijuana laws and gaining safe access for patients to medical marijuana.

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What the DOH says on Medical Marijuana

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What the DOH says on medical marijuana

Juts, Damo, Mary Jane. These are the terms used to define the plant canabis or popularly known as marijuana.

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Scientists Have Found Another Benefit For Medical Marijuana

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Scientists have just discovered that medical marijuana actually helps by getting rid of cancerous tumors. Which means patients can have less chemotherapy.


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Medical Marijuana for Multiple Sclerosis – Montel Williams

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For people with MS, medical cannabis can treat pain and muscle spasms. In 1999, talk-show host Montel Williams announced he has MS. In this clip, he debates with John Stossel, and reveals the truth about drug laws.
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The Case For Medical Marijuana In The NFL

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Touchdowns, Opioids, and CTE: The Case For Medical Marijuana In The NFL | GAMECHANGERS

NFL players Marvin Washington, Grant Mattos, Leonard Marshall and Eben Britton discuss their battles with drug use and the stigma of cannabis.

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Aeroponic medical marijuana grow system

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The only drawback to this system is, changing the water. If you’re able to run a hose to the bucket, as I did, it makes it much easier. Then your not filling up the garbage can after solution changes, 5 gallon bucket at a time. You should have atleast 5-6 gallons in the bucket at all times.

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Medical Marijuana Warehouse Harvest!

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