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Marijuana Stocks to Buy Before, During, and After Legalization

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Sure, it’s technically an illegal vice according to the Federal government…

But 25 states have said “we don’t care,” and passed laws allowing medical marijuana.

16 states have even decriminalized it for recreational use. And four states plus the District of Columbia have made both recreational and medical use completely legal.

The rest of America could soon follow suit…

61% of the American public believes recreational weed should be legal. 81% is in favor of allowing it strictly for medical use.

And on November 8th, as many as 20 states could vote on legalizing marijuana for medical use, recreational use…or both!

So this November, if it’s announced that President Trump will be taking over the White House, it doesn’t matter.

President Clinton… It still doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t even matter if enough Americans write Mickey Mouse on their ballots to put him in the Oval Office.

When all of these new weed laws are put to a vote, the chances are absolutely immense that the vast majority of them will pass.

And with every new piece of pot legislation that has been passed, incredible wealth has been created very quickly.

If you think you can’t get your piece of this action, I’ve got news for you…

To stake your claim to this historic cash grab, you don’t have to operate a dispensary that sells retail reefer or become a farmer who plants the pot…

Watch the presentation above to find out how you could become the next marijuana millionaire!

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How to Start Growing Cannabis from Seeds | Learn How to Grow Marijuana at Home | Increased Yield

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Growing marijuana from seed is a great way to get your garden going without risking bringing in pests or diseases. It is also a great way to get quality genetics that you may not be able to find in clone form or to start if you don’t have access to clones.

Do you want to try to grow different cannabis strains? Or learn how to become a breeder? It all starts with cracking some beans. Click this video to learn how to successfully start growing from seed. Follow us if you want more videos like this. Let us know what you think and what other tutorial videos you would like to see?

This is the place to be if you are looking to grow your own Marijuana! We will cover everything you need to know in order to grow your own weed at home, set up a home grow, learn about cannabis genetics, make hash and eatables. We will be dropping tips and tricks that will help you increase your yields so be sure to subscribe for more!




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How to Make Bubble Hash:

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10 Medical Marijuana Industry Facts – WMNews Ep. 24

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A sweeping bipartisan bill introduced in 2015 could soon legalize medical marijuana in all American states. A sweeping bipartisan bill introduced in 2015 could soon legalize medical marijuana in all American states. Welcome to WatchMojo News, the weekly series where we break down news stories that might be on your radar. In this installment, we’re counting down 10 crucial facts you should know about the medical marijuana industry.

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Caregivers & Medical Marijuana Patients | Marijuana

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For loved ones of someone that’s ill, usually most of the care for that patient falls on those people. So a caregiver in a patient’s life is usually a person that has to go get groceries, deal with all the basic day to day functions of life. For a caregiver who is treating someone who needs cannabis it’s really important what state they live in.

So, if you are a caregiver to someone with cancer, MS, or chronic pain in one of the 17 states where medical cannabis is legal then you are actually able to get an identification card and, again depending on the state law, are able to go and purchase cannabis for that patient, or even grow cannabis depending on what the regulations look like.

If you’re in a non medical cannabis state that doesn’t mean that someone that you’re looking after wouldn’t benefit from medical cannabis. If that’s the case, and the doctor and the patient have decided that they want to try this treatment, I would just urge you to be extremely careful. The illicit market isn’t some big, scary, horrible place for marijuana, but it’s not the easiest way to get this medication.

This is why there is a huge movement around the country trying to pass laws to make this legal so that if you are in a situation where someone you love is going through a situation where they need medical cannabis you can simply get an identification card, and go to a store, and purchase it instead of driving down random alleys looking for a medication that is going to help your loved one be more comfortable and possibly even save their life.

Again, as a caregiver it’s important for you to know the laws just as well as a patient does. Depending on what state you’re in you’re going to have more or less rights to help that patient with their medical cannabis use.

All of this information, as far as the legality and steps you can take to help procure medical cannabis for a patient you’re taking care of, is on our website americansforsafeaccess.org.
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Small Indoor Marijuana Grow Room – Nice Setup

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How to Ingest Marijuana | Marijuana

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Watch more Marijuana Facts & Medical Marijuana videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/506367-How-to-Ingest-Marijuana-Marijuana

Marijuana, when used for therapeutic use, can be prepared and ingested in several different ways. The most common way that most people know about is smoking. Rolling that into a cigarette-looking item, and inhaling. I think that’s how most of us have seen cannabis used in movies or recreationally.

Another mode of ingestion, that has very similar effects on the body as smoking, is vaporization. And patients report liking this method, because it actually takes out the smoke and inhaling cannabis. And there are several large machines on the market or even handheld vaporizers, that allow patients to use a very similar amount that they would use in smoking. But put it in a device that actually heats up the plant matter so that just all of the molecules vaporize instead of actually burning the plant matter and inhaling. And, of course, cannabis does not cause cancer but smoke can create problems with your throat and some people just don’t like the smoke. So vaporization is another way to inhale cannabis without the smoke.

But for medical cannabis patients who need longer relief and need a longer lasting relief, they find that actually eating cannabis, or turning it into what is called a tincture, or even a topical rub produces better effects.

Now, all of these different types of ingestion or modes of use have different effects. If you’re using, if you’re smoking medical cannabis, either through what people call a joint, or through a pipe, or bong, you’re going to feel the effects right away. And a lot of people like this because it lets them know their titration rate. Right? They know if I take one puff and I feel like this, then I don’t need anymore. But for edibles, it can actually take up to 45 minutes for people to feel the effect at all. And that’s actually why we find, you know, you hear people OD’ing, figuratively, on edibles. It’s really that they’ve just taken too much. And I think you’ll hear from some of the other videos that it’s actually impossible to overdose on cannabis. But it can have some unfavorable side effects if you eat too much.

A tincture preparation is actually a preparation using a liquid to pull the compounds out of the plant. And you’ve probably seen a tincture in your health foods store for St. John’s wort or echinacea. It’s simply a process of putting alcohol with the plant matter and the alcohol extracts out the compounds from the plant and then you’re able to ingest this through a dropper or through a spray under your tongue.

And other people make, actually make topical oils. Which, for people who don’t like the side effects of dry mouth or sleepiness, people prefer just to put it right on the wounded area. And this can be done by preparing something with cocoa cocoa butter or other items. And there are actually several recipes for each of these preparations on our website, americansforsafeaccess.org.

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Medical Marijuana Patient Stories – Brian, William Britt and Victoria Zavala

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Medical Marijuana 411 had the opportunity to meet with medical cannabis patients, Brian, William Britt and Victoria Zavala back in 2010. This video is a re-edit to show that patient stories are timeless. Please watch and share. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa1AfE9mOf1lJhyHdZ5Yriw
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"High As A Kite" Owner Shows Gordon His Medicinal Marijuana | Hotel Hell

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Gordon visits the Applegate River Lodge, and the owner immediately shows him his butt-hut.

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We asked entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry to react to conflicting statements coming from Trump, Jeff Sessions, and Sean Spicer.


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Uncertainty is not new for the marijuana industry, which saw an increase in medical dispensary raids in the early years of the Obama administration despite statements from the president and his attorney general Eric Holder assuring voters that they would respect state law. Obama’s Department of Justice mellowed out a bit in his second term and more or less abided by the Cole memo, which directs law enforcement to direct enforcement efforts towards operations selling to minors, growing on public land, or selling over state lines.

On the campaign trail, Trump’s statements on the issue sounded reassuring to many advocates of legalization.

“I think medical should happen, right? Don’t we agree?” Trump asked an audience at a rally in Nevada, a state whose voters would choose to legalize the drug for recreational use later that year. “And then I really believe you should leave it up to the states. It should be a state situation.”

But Trump’s appointment of enthusiastic drug warrior Jeff Sessions as Attorney General concerned many who want to see cannabis legalized. While Sessions has made it abundantly clear in recent public statements that he’s no fan of marijuana legalization, he hasn’t called for an all-out crackdown in the 28 states that have legalized pot in one form or another.

“States, I get, can pass whatever laws they choose,” he told an audience at the National Association of Attorneys General earlier this year. “But I’m not sure we’re going to be a better, healthier nation if we have marijuana being sold at every corner grocery store.”

Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer has made similarly ambiguous statements, seeming to want to draw a hard distinction between medical and recreational cannabis.

The American public, on the other hand, appears fairly unified on this issue. Medical marijuana enjoys broad public support, and a recent Quinnipiac poll shows 71 percent of Americans believe the federal government should refrain from interfering in states that legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational use.

In the video above, we asked several entrepreneurs working in the marijuana industry to react to statements from Trump and his administration officials and to give their forecasts for the future of legal pot under the new administration. Watch to find out what they said.

Approximately 6 minutes. Produced by Zach Weissmueller. Camera by Alex Manning and Weissmueller. Additional graphics by Josh Swain. Music by Freeharmonics.
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