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Weed Jobs: 3 Companies Cashing in on Legalized Marijuana

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The legal marijuana industry is looking to create more than a quarter million jobs and .3 billion in state tax revenue by the year 2020. With cannabis taking over Jared Cotter decided to take a closer look at the people who are already working in the industry in unique ways and cashing in… legally!

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http://www.abcaccessories.co We provide a solution for Retailers through unique accessories, to improve customer loyalty and create higher profit margins.
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Showing off another old school stoner tool that is kinda unique.

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I’m a Medical Marijuana patient in the State of Colorado.
Thank you for your compassion.
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These are my Top 3 Marijuana Stocks for 2018! I chose these 3 as the best marijuana stocks for 2018 because they are the current market leaders at the time of this recording. Canopy Growth, Aphria, and Aurora Cannabis are all making aggressive acquisitions, expanding, and breaking into new markets. I will outline all of these companies below.

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1. Canopy Growth Corp
– Biggest medical marijuana supplier in Canada in terms of revenue and market cap.
– The stock is up nearly 120% so far in 2017
– Major alcoholic beverage maker Constellation Brands announced in October that it was buying a 9.9% stake in Canopy Growth for 5 million

2. Aurora Cannabis
– One of the biggest suppliers of medical cannabis in Canada, with expansion plans for Australia and Germany
– This stock has had a great run, with gains of 237% year to date
– YOY rev growth of 39% reported for Q3
– In the process of acquiring CanniMed Therapeutics for 5M

3. Aphria
– Aphria is up 170% since the beginning of this year, with a large spike recently
– GAME CHANGING exclusive agreement with retailer Shoppers Drug Mart
– Aphria has some of the lowest costs of production out of any of these 3 stocks

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Today I go over 4 marijuana stocks to watch in 2018 – these are weed stocks that I think will explode going from 2017 to 2018. This is a new sector where investors are just starting to get into, and we have some big players already in this space. Major companies like Constellation Brands and Shoppers Drug Mart are investing in the marijuana industry and we as investors should capitalize on this as well!

In this video, I go over 4 picks – Canopy Growth Corporation (WEED), Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB), Aphria Inc. (APH) and a Marijuana ETF (HMMJ) that is managed by Horizons here in Canada. All of these companies are traded on the TSX – Toronto Stock Exchange – in Canada. Some are available on US exchanges like the NASDAQ or NYSE.

I got this idea from fellow YouTuber Nate O’Brein and I hope this video provides some value. I compared the big 3 and gave you guys some key stats on what the differences are between them so you can make an informed decision on which company to invest in out of these that I covered to get some exposure in this new and up and coming industry.

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Cooking With Marijuana – No Frownie Marijuana Brownie

[youtube id=”1K7vroGjghY” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″]

For more information, visit: http://www.CropKingSeeds.com/

This is an excellent video tutorial for making chocolate marijuana brownies. Watch as Watermelon and her mom shows us the easy steps in making this excellent, mouth watering treat. Cooking with marijuana has never been this fun and easy!

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