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The Story of the Ontario Abandoned Grow Op Mansion

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The Story of the Ontario Abandoned Grow Op Mansion

The Story of the Ontario Abandoned Grow Op Mansion

The 6 bathroom, 5 bedroom house sold for approx. ,700,000 in late 2012 to a Real Estate Investor. The investor never took residence in the home, instead obtaining a license to grow medical marijuana there. This caused a fair bit of concern with neighbors who complained about the dangers of growing marijuana inside a home (fires, smell, etc.). A neighboring community had a public meeting to discuss mitigating the exposure of marijuana to children on Wednesday February 11th 2015.

In the early morning hours of Thursday February 12th 2015, just a few hours after the public meeting a fire in the foyer of the home was reported to local authorities. The cause of the fire was never publicly released, although it is suspected to be an electrical fire. No charges were laid and the property was abandoned.

Original owner had a legal license to grow medical marijuana, the owner later vacated the Mansion and had put it up for sale….once put for sale 2 real estate agents bought it and reopened the Grow op as an illegal Operation ….after stealing electricity from faulty wiring the house caught fire and lead to the arrest of the 2 and leaving this mansion Abandoned!!!!

Thanks to Carlo Paolozza for the help with footage


Info on house from UER.ca

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