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Medical marijuana legal in Ohio, but patients unable to buy yet

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Medical marijuana legal in Ohio, but patients unable to buy yet

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (WKRC) – Medical marijuana is now legal in Ohio, but there are still more questions than answers about how the new law will work.

Patients won’t be able to buy it here for another year or two. Rules for producing, prescribing and distributing cannabis to eligible patients are expected to take up to a year to craft.

The law allows people with certain listed conditions to begin using marijuana immediately, but it’s unclear where they would legally get it, and not everyone is happy about the new law.

Several communities in Butler County are already banning or putting moratoriums on marijuana dispensaries.

While there may come a day when you see a marijuana store on a busy city street or even a strip mall, it won’t be anytime soon. In Hamilton, it may never happen because right now there is an all-out ban.

Even though Ohioans can now use marijuana for medicinal use, you still can’t grow it and you cannot go into the medical marijuana business. While some don’t like the new law, others are pleased that people who need it for medical reasons have a new option.

“I think it’s a fabulous thing; it works for kids who have seizures. I think it’s a wonderful thing,” said Joe Costanzo, who favors medical marijuana.

In recent months, Liberty and Ross townships have imposed temporary bans on medical marijuana businesses. The city of Middletown made a similar move. In 2015, the city of Hamilton took it a step further, imposing a permanent ban.

“I don’t think there should be a ban set in place for it. I think there are right ways to go about it to keep it safe for the patients who need it,” said Stephanie Melton.

Some local lawmakers imposed the temporary bans to wait and see what the guidelines for the medical marijuana program will be. Some think the city of Hamilton got too far ahead of the game and may want to rethink the all-out ban.

“I do think they need to rethink it. I think it’s more of the heroin they need to worry about, really,” Olivia Turner said.

“I’m disappointed. And this isn’t recreational-use stuff that you’re talking about; this is medicinal. It’s a whole different ball of wax from the 60s and 70s when I grew up,” said Constanzo.

We tried to contact Hamiliton’s law director to see how the ban could be impacted by the new law and whether there are any legal challenges, but our phone call were not returned.

Another question for patients who are waiting on the new rules: The law is silent on where they are supposed to get their marijuana, and it doesn’t allow people to grow their own. Bringing marijuana into Ohio from a legal state would violate federal law.
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Colorado's BEST LEGAL MARIJUANA dispensary!

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We take you on a first hand look of Soma, one of Crested Butte’s top recreational dispensaries. With this full tour, we give you some insight on what buying legal cannabis looks like in Colorado.
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Cooking with Legal WA Medical Marijuana: Gummy Bears – Fail

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Cooking with Legal WA Medical Marijuana:  Gummy Bears - Fail

Although this attempt was a fail, check out the successful version: https://youtu.be/XkKTjxMjgsc

This is one more in our series of cooking with cannabis videos. We used a recipe from Cannabis Now Magazine. Check out the results!

The image is from High Times magazine.

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How to Grow 25 Pounds of (legal) Weed a Day with Medicine Man

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Ever wonder what a 40,000 square foot, multi-million dollar marijuana grow looks like?
Today, Charlo Greene stops by Medicine Man (medicinemandenver.com), one of her favorite Colorado dispensaries, to see how they manage to keep up with the insane demand as one of the leading cannabis chains in North America.

Listen as Trey Fisher talks Charlo through the Medicine Man grow process, from seed to sale.
See behind the scenes what makes Medicine Man one of the most popular dispensaries in Colorado among locals, travelers and celebrities.
And wish we had smell-o-vision as Charlo enters the dankest room in the building, the curing room with more than 25 pounds of fresh cannabis set to hit retail shelves.

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Check out my fellow CT Team weed reviewer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC91IWahKnEmD7RMIrr-301A

*Business Inquires Only*

PO BOX 25706
Seattle, WA 98165
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This film was made for Documentary purposes for medical Cannabis patients and Legal Adults – We DO NOT encourage illegal or dangerous activities on this channel.
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In this video we guide you on what items you will need before you can start growing your own cannabis at home.
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Cannabis Legal Group: Cannabusiness Live Episode #5 – Business Planning

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The expert lawyers at the Cannabis Legal Group discuss the business planning necessary to obtain a medical marijuana business license. The Michigan Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act authorizes the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) to begin accepting applications for commercial marijuana licenses. The state will license dispensaries, cultivations, marijuana infused processors, testing laboratories and secure transporters. Those who wish to obtain a license will have to have a solid business plan. The plan will demonstrate that the business has the appropriate funding, liquidity, and financial expectations to ensure a solid and successful operation. The lawyers of the Cannabis Legal Group, Michigan’s most qualified and experienced marijuana boutique law firm explain this important topic.

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Cannabis News: A judge in south Jersey has ruled that a man injured on the job at a lumber company will have his medical marijuana tab paid by his employer’s workers compensation insurance. This is a landmark decision for New Jersey.

The Judge said in the ruling that the injured employee provided thorough testimony that showed the effects of marijuana were not as debilitating as the effects of the Percocet previously taken by him and that as a result of his improved pain management, he had achieved a greater level of functionality. The judge said the worker was cautious, mature and exceptionally conscientious about managing his pain.

John Sarno, who as president and general counsel for the Employers Association of New Jersey often holds seminars on marijuana and the workplace, called the ruling “a straightforward reading of the law.”

More than 450 people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder have now enrolled in New Jersey’s medical marijuana program after Gov. Christie agreed to add PTSD to the list of treatable conditions.

The PTSD enrollees amount to about 4% of the 10,800 patients who legally buy medical cannabis from one of New Jersey’s five dispensaries. The increase adds further momentum to New Jersey’s medical cannabis program.

New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana program has been hampered by governor Christie who has shown little enthusiasm for medical cannabis. New Jersey also lacks doctors willing to be certified in the medical cannabis program.

Over 70,000 people have signed a new petition calling on the DEA to stop disseminating false information about medical cannabis and ensure that any future information reflects medically-accurate and up-to-date facts.

The filing could bring major changes to the way medical cannabis laws and regulations are treated by public officials. For decades, politicians have stated that now-disproved harmful effects were reasons to either prohibit or impose burdens on patients seeking safe and legal access to medical cannabis. The DEA admitted this past August that cannabis is not a gateway drug and does not cause long-term brain damage, psychosis, and other alleged harms however they have not removed these disprove references and are continuing to spread inaccurate information.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission also decided that people who apply must have a million bond or assets worth million and be able to show 0,000 in cash liquidity. The requirements are in addition to a ,000 application fee.

Weedtuber Rejoice: Elizabeth Warren and several other US Senators have asked the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network to stop punishing banks that do business with cannabis-related companies in states where the sale of marijuana has been legalized.

The letter written by the Senators reads as follows:
“Most banks and credit unions have either closed accounts or simply refused to offer services to indirect and ancillary businesses that service the marijuana industry. A large number of professionals have been unable to access the financial system because they are doing business with marijuana growers and dispensaries. To be clear, these legitimate, indirect businesses have been unable to open checking accounts and accept credit cards or checks. In some cases they have also lost access to existing accounts, such as retirement accounts, and have been forced to pay their employees, taxes, and bills in cash. Locking lawyers, landlords, plumbers, electricians, security companies, and the like out of the nation’s banking and finance systems serves no one’s interest.”

Warren said fewer than 3 percent of the nation’s 11,954 federally regulated banks and credit unions are serving the cannabis industry.

Democratic President Barack Obama’s administration has essentially turned a blind eye to state laws legalizing the drug, and supporters of legalizing marijuana hope Republican President-elect Donald Trump will follow suit.

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Security Firm for the Legal Cannabis Industry Expands

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In this episode we are joined by Dan Allen, CEO of Blue Line Protection Group, a leading security, transportation and risk mitigation solutions provider for financial institutions servicing the legal cannabis industry.

The company has recently expanded its operations to include compliance services on behalf of financial institutions looking to accept deposits from legal cannabis dispensaries and grow facilities.

Forward Looking Statements

This CEOLIVE.TV video interview contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Securities Litigation Reform Act. The statements reflect the Company’s current views with respect to future events that involve risks and uncertainties. Among others, these risks include failure to meet schedule or performance requirements of the Company’s contracts, the Company’s ability to raise sufficient development and working capital, the Company’s liquidity position, the Company’s ability to obtain new contracts, the emergence of competitors with greater financial resources, and the impact of competitive pricing. In the light of these uncertainties, the forward-looking events referred to in this release might not occur as planned or at all.


Mike Elliott
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Legal cannabis companies still face hurdles

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Most banks are still wary of working with the legal side of the booming industry.

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Tweed is Canada’s largest medical cannabis producer, providing medicine for roughly 20 percent of the country’s registered pot patients.

The company recently converted an old Hershey’s chocolate factory into a massive marijuana growing facility for its 125 employees.

Tweed is currently working with multiple Cannabis Cup winners DNA Genetics to provide Canadians with the highest quality medical marijuana.

Join HIGH TIMES on a tour of Tweed’s gigantic ganja growrooms.

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