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Kitchen herb wreath by Tara Dennis

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Kitchen herb wreath by Tara Dennis

Create a fragrant herb wreath for your kitchen. Decorative and practical, use the herbs as they dry. www.taradennis.com
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Herb Roasted Cornish Hen Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 845

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HERB VEGAN BUTTER | Connie's RAWsome kitchen ( CHIVES )

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HERB VEGAN BUTTER | Connie's RAWsome kitchen ( CHIVES )


Welcome to my vegan Italian kitchen!!! A place where it’s good for you the animals and the planet!

What I do when I’m not cooking …. I create and sculpt art dolls and sculptures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MlSG80V68A

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The HIGH TIMES Kitchen: Marijuana Tincture

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The HIGH TIMES Kitchen: Marijuana Tincture

Welcome to the HIGH TIMES Kitchen. Today we’re making a marijuana tincture. Tinctures can be made with either grain alcohol or glycerin — we’re using grain alcohol.
The Magical Butter makes this process easy. Simply combine the ingredients and four hours later you have a great ganja infused treat to share with friends! You can find more marijuana recipes at hightimes.com.
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Final Update on indoor hydroponic kitchen herb garden.

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This the final update. Everything is growing great and we have plenty of fresh herbs. I’ll continue to grow the herbs just no more updates on these. Thanks for watching and please subscribe!!!
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Weed Hacks #2: Kitchen Edition – Chef Knife Marijuana Grinder, Potato Pipe

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Save in our store with code “100k”: http://www.ruffhousestudios.com/product/x-max-v-dry-herb-wax-vaporizer/

Welcome to Weed Hacks, this is our Special Kitchen Edition, let’s dig in.

First hack is the chef’s knife. You do not really need a grinder as long as you know how to use a knife. Rock the knife using your free palm for pressure and keep chopping until you have the consistency of marijuana that you want. easy peasy.

What do you do if you don’t have a way to light your joint. You can use a toaster, but be careful. Let it get nice and hot then touch the joint the joint to the hot element. Don’t let your bracelet or chains land you in the hospital rather than la-la land and you’ll be smoking that joint like a boss.

Here is a trick to deal with those big pound bags when you have only a few grams left in them. Use a plastic bottle from the recycle bin and cut off the top. Now trim the bag, roll and push the open end through the bottle lid. Pull the bag over, even it out and screw on the lid. Art-tight, storable and secure. Nice!

Want to get rid of the straw taste of dried out marijuana and shake? Take a nice citrus like this tangerine and cut off a big slice of rind. Like your making an old fashion. now put the peel in your container, leave it overnight and you’ll have a better flavor to smoke. And if citrus is off season, try an apple peel, it tastes great for a nice twist and refreshed weed. Hacked.

Now what if you just want a quick pipe. You can use a lot of things like an apple, cucumber or a potatoe like we have here. Make a hole half way through for your mouth and another that meets it in the middle for a bowl. Simple as that you have a pipe. Clear out the pathway and pack in your weed. Nicely done sir!

You can also use a tube shape veggie, a zucchini for instance, and make a steamroller. Cut it flat on the ends and short enough to poke through all the way with your pen or ice pick. Then another hole near the end for a bowl jut to meet with the barrel hole, Now you have a nice simple vegan steamroller.

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Surprise Kitchen Herb Garden for Mrs. MIgardener

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Mrs. MIgardener has been asking for a kitchen herb garden for a while so I thought I would make that dream a reality.

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I love the convenience of planting herbs at home. I can never use up those refrigerated packaged ones from the store plus they’re expensive! So I love that I can I just snip off the amount of herbs I need and enhance any dish that I add it to. Today, I’ve partnered with Miracle-Gro Nature’s Care to show you how simple it is to grow your own kitchen herb garden at home! #sponsored

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I’m planting 3 of my favorite herbs: Rosemary, Basil, and Parsley!

I’m starting with these galvanized planters that I got at the hardware store. I love the farm style look of it. If you’re using a different planter make sure it’s 6-8 inches deep. Shallow pots will dry out too quickly and not give enough room for the herbs to grow. Also when planting your herbs, make sure to use containers with drainage holes. This helps to avoid moisture buildup and possible mold.

For extra drainage and to help the soil to not fall through the drainage hole I’m going to be adding some gravel or stones. You can find this at any hardware store.

Now I’m going to add in my potting mix. Good quality potting mix is key to growing herbs in a container. I’m using Nature’s Care Organic and Natural Potting mix. It has peat moss and shredded coconut husk in it! On top of the gravel I’ll add a little bit of the potting mix, about halfway up, then I’ll carefully take out the herb starts and place them in the soil. I’ll make sure that the crown is above soil level then I’ll fill in the rest with potting mix.

When the herbs are planted in a container it’s important to keep the soil a little bit damp. Don’t over water or let them sit in water at the bottom.

I’ll water it well and place it in a sunny location. A good place is right by the kitchen window where it’s only a few steps away when I need them. The more you harvest the more the herbs will grow back and give you delicious and vibrant flavor.

If you see flowers appear make sure to remove them because they can cause the herbs to taste bitter.

Planting my own kitchen herb garden ensures that I can have fresh herbs all year round!

What kind of herbs would you guys grow? Comment below and be sure to check out my herb series where I’ll be making a Rosemary Shortbread Cookie with Chocolate Ganache filling and thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys next time! Bye.
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