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How To Get So Much Kief

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How to get alot more kief. A few methods I use to get so much! My grinder grows kief ahhaha. Have an amazing day, let me know what youre smoking on!
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Grinders Made From Recycled Coffeeshop Cannabis Boxes - Greengo -  Smokers Guide TV Amsterdam

http://smokersguide.com – Greengo grinders are being made from recycled plastic. The most unique feature of this product is that the plastic once was used for packaging cannabis. These packages are returned by means of a deposit system and the base material is used to make grinders. This is not only very cool, it is also better for the environment! We call this upcycling!

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The Smokers Guide book is a map-based, full colour guide filled with handy tips, super discount coupons, rolling tippies and much more. It explains the legal situation in Amsterdam, and provides you with all the best info when travelling to Amsterdam. It also deals with how marijuana works, and how to select the best smoke for you! The Smokers Guide believes in high quality. It represents only good businesses that offer high quality products to their customers. The Smokers Guide has been making product reviews for many years now, testing the strains of marijuana currently available on the Amsterdam market. ~Get 10% discount on all products (excl. tobacco and blunt wraps), from the Grass Company. Use promo code SG420 at https://www.grasscompany.com~
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WHAT IS UP WORLD?! Join me today on CRUTCH LAZY MONDAZE as I get killer high smoking pure red headed stranger kief out of my favorite weed pipe – The Pokemon Weed Bowl!! If you enjoyed this video please SLAM that LIKE button and share it with your friends! If you need more CRUTCH in your life check out the playlists on this channel and SUBSCRIBE for a new cannabis related video all the time! #StayHigh friends!!



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How To Make A Hash Puck From Grinder Kief With A Pollen Press

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Today: how to make simple hash pucks of pressed trichomes with nothing but your kief and a tool called a pollen press. Why would you want to press kief into a puck? Because kief burns waaay too fast in its loose form and these puck pieces burn slow. Plus, puck chunks are fun! Read full description for all the links!

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Today on Lex’s World I wanted to do a quick episode on some kief I accumulated. What is Kief? (yes, this is the most common spelling, though some spell it kif) It’s little trichomes all piled up. Those trichomes have to be mechanically removed from the plant in some way, for most people that happens at the bottom of their grinders. I will also create a kief puck (or Hash Puck, if you prefer) by using a pollen press on it. Why would you want to do this? Because Kief burns very easily and a lot of it goes to waste when smoked, but the compressed puck pieces burn surprisingly slow, lasting much longer! These presses are a HUGE markup item in retail stores. I’ve seen the T presses sold for + and small presses for -. Don’t pay that…above are less-expensive alternatives that also allow you to support this youtube show.

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What is Kief? And 6 ways to use it: Marijuana Tips & Tricks

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Today we are talking about kief, the fluffy collection trichomes from cannabis flowers, and several ways that you can use it. We learn to smoke it, cook with it, compress it to hash and even make ecig juice to vaporize.

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In this installment of Marijuana Tricks and Tips with Bogart, learn some tricks for keeping down the smell of smoking marijuana. This can help ease tension with neighbors and some common courtesy and a few little tricks will make things go a lot smoother for smoking your marijuana in peace..

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WHAT IS UP WORLD?! Grab your weed and join me today on CRUTCH as I show you (based on viewer request) the best kief catcher I have ever used!! If you enjoyed this video please SLAM that LIKE button and share it with your friends! If you need more CRUTCH in your life check out the playlists on this channel and SUBSCRIBE for a new cannabis related video all the time! #StayHigh friends!!


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