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The Strong Khalifa Kush Strain

Wiz Khalifa, a rap megastar and popular representative of marijuana usage who is associated with the RiverRock Company, has created the Khalifa Kush [KK] strain. The exact genetics are still not made known and there is huge hype that real KK is extremely strong. KK is sold through ‘The Cooking Co.’, a marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. It is reserved especially for the Wiz.

Wiz Khalifa says that it took years of effort to create the rare phenotype OG Kush. The smell and taste of KK is similar to OG Kush but the Wiz wanted to breed strains with pine highlights and a lemony flavor without earthy traits. Still, the Khalifa weed retains a little tinge of the pungent smell associated with OG Kush.


Khalifa Kush is an Indica dominant strain with high THC content.

  • Indica – 80%

  • Sativa – 20%

  • THC – 26%

These figures reveal that KK gives an extremely potent wave of relaxation suitable for users well experienced with a medicinal or recreational marijuana lifestyle.

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