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What Being an Angel Investor in the Cannabis Industry Looks like – Brian Holmes

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In this episode we interview Brian Holmes of First Ascent Associates. Brian is an angel investor who invests a significant portion of their million fund in cannabis startups. He is one of the few investors actually putting his money where his mouth is in the cannabis industry. He has taken 3 cannabis companies public, and he continues to support and evaluate cannabis startups everyday. Brandon and Brian also dive into his father’s first cannabis investment with an ex-con, his recent investment into GrowCondos, and the exciting world of angel investing.

Show Notes:

1.14 – First Ascent started from being a startup founder

2.06 – the dreaded vice clause

2.20 – the line between vc and angel

2.54 – writing checks for 0K+

3.02 – we are seed and pre-seed investors

5.45 – pogoseat investment

6.16 – 7 investments so far

6.25 – goal is to 30-60 investments in fund 1

6.38 – initial fund is 3 million$

8.05 – my father’s partner is an excon

8.33 – my dad asked for his mom to meet the excon

9.05 – CBDS ticker symbol

9.15 – CBD medical company

9.35 – strains were proprietary in some way

9.53 – stock started at $ .25, peaked at

10.48 – Taken 3 companies public, 1 through the fund

11.05 – Tech focused fund

11.10 – Growcondos investment thesis

12.35 – first Growcondo warehouse in medford, OR

13.00 – grey market people trying to go legal

13.30 – is medical cannabis going to persist?

14.10 – cannasys investment thesis

15.05 – The founders started as growers, had a dispensary, then started software company

16.30 – Hemp market is bigger than cannabis

17.10 – companies are going to pivot and shift

18.40 – whats your fail estimation for cannabis startups?

19.00 – in this busineess all about the outliers

20.00 – CBDS, Growcondos, Cannasys – all 3 have gone public

20.50 – Public cannabis is not like a tech ipo

21.32 – Startup Pitch decks

21.43 – review 10 decks, 2-3 in person meetings

22.00 – 1/50 they invest in

22.15 – what should founders send to investors?

23.13 – Funding Bottleneck is series A financing

23.45 – Numbers that Investors Like: 50-100k in revenue with strong MoM growth

24.35 – The best deals don’t always have the best #’s

25.14 – Average a mill cap for seed stage investments

25.40 – Bridge Rounds

26.35 – Due Diligence – What matters to you?

27.55 – how do bigger investors start writing checks?

First Ascent Associates: http://www.firstascentassociates.com/
Cannasys: http://www.cannasys.com/
GrowCondos: http://www.growcondos.com/

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Potrepreneurs: America’s New Marijuana Industry

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As marijuana gradually becomes legalized for recreational use in the U.S., entrepreneurs are flocking to states like Colorado to start their own companies.

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Watch the first episode of SMOKEABLES: How to Make a Gravity Bong – http://bit.ly/28XSWBi

Toronto is in the middle of a grey market, marijuana dispensary boom. Since Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected in 2015, weed entrepreneurs have been illegally opening up shop all over the city. Even though there’s no guarantee that Trudeau’s plan for legal marijuana will include storefront businesses, these operations are opening almost daily. Not only do these shops sell weed, more and more customers are coming through the doors of their local dispensary looking for marijuana edibles. While these stores insist they’re providing a medical need to cannabis patients, can a weed soda or a chronic cookie really be considered medicinal? VICE host and medical marijuana patient Damian Abraham does the tough job of trying to figure that out.

TaeKwonDo Rockers vs. Cocaine-Dealing Ninjas: The True Story of ‘Miami Connection’: http://bit.ly/1NkNirD

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All-cash business a headache for the marijuana industry

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America’s cannabis industry may be booming, but its entrepreneurs are finding the all-cash business a logistical, security and administrative headache as they try to manage all the money they’re making. Legalized for medical purposes in 29 states and recreational use in eight, the drug remains illegal under federal law.
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Paypal founder Peter Thiel becomes first big investor in marijuana industry

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(BBC News) – PAYPAL founder Peter Thiel’s investment firm has become the first institutional investor to pump money into the marijuana industry.

Thiel’s investment firm, Founders Fund, led by partner Geoff Lewis, has acquired a minority stake in Privateer Holdings, the Seattle-based owner of Leafly.com – a review site for medical marijuana, which also serves as a medical marijuana grower in Canada.

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My plans to conquer marijuana industry

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Dan Bilzerian outlines his plans for big business within the marijuana industry, including establishing the first trustworthy brand and alternative marketing tactics.

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WEBSITE: www.danbilzerian.com
EMAIL: info@danbilzerian.com

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How To Enter The Cannabis Industry with Steve DeAngelo

Find Your Place In The Blossoming Cannabis Industry From The World’s Most Recognized Cannabis Entrepreneur & Activist.

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Nobody knows cannabis better than Steve DeAngelo as he’s been a trailblazer in this industry for over 40 years. In this exciting new course, Steve will walk you step-by-step through all the current opportunities inside the industry, including the roles that exist, the segments of the market that have huge potential and opportunity, how you can break in quickly and effectively no matter how much experience you have today, and how to raise funds for your cannabis business.

Whether you want to start your own company, apply your skills and talents as a consultant, advisor, or professional, or uncover the best places to invest, this course will save you months of time, energy, and money by discovering Steve’s guidance about exactly how to enter the fastest growing US industry.

As Steve says: “There’s room for everybody inside this exciting new industry.” Sign up now!

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Security Firm for the Legal Cannabis Industry Expands

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In this episode we are joined by Dan Allen, CEO of Blue Line Protection Group, a leading security, transportation and risk mitigation solutions provider for financial institutions servicing the legal cannabis industry.

The company has recently expanded its operations to include compliance services on behalf of financial institutions looking to accept deposits from legal cannabis dispensaries and grow facilities.

Forward Looking Statements

This CEOLIVE.TV video interview contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Securities Litigation Reform Act. The statements reflect the Company’s current views with respect to future events that involve risks and uncertainties. Among others, these risks include failure to meet schedule or performance requirements of the Company’s contracts, the Company’s ability to raise sufficient development and working capital, the Company’s liquidity position, the Company’s ability to obtain new contracts, the emergence of competitors with greater financial resources, and the impact of competitive pricing. In the light of these uncertainties, the forward-looking events referred to in this release might not occur as planned or at all.


Mike Elliott
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Medical Cannabis Industry Commonalities In Startup Booms

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Dooma Wendschuh, speaks to the attendees of CannaBiz Day Orlando, commonalities in startup booms within the medical cannabis industry.

Dooma Wendschuh for 15 years building world class brands, teams and businesses in the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic / competitive industries.

Founder of two successful, disruptive startups. Thought leader, forward thinker and deal maker. Driven to inspire teams, customers, business partners and audiences alike, develop world class branding, and deliver complex projects on time and on budget. Experience designing, and managing teams working with complicated hardware and software systems. Expertise in raising capital from individual and institutional investors; quickly identifying and solving problems; assessing and meeting consumer needs, identifying potential business partners and closing deals.

Launched worldwide known cannabis brand. Co-founder of ebbu, disruptive brand in the cannabis industry. Raised Million from individual and institutional investors. Grew company to Million valuation; 50+ times in national and international media; 8 times on national television; 30+ employees; 6 Ph.D. scientists, all in just 2 years.

Built successful entertainment business with operations in 5 countries. Based in Los Angeles, CA sekretagent Productions helped develop games in Montreal, Canada, Stockholm, Sweden, St. Petersburg, Russia and Casablanca, Morocco. Games which sekretagent wrote, produced or designed grossed more than USD Billion worldwide collectively.

Budgeted, scheduled and produced the first ever 3D commercials for Coca-Cola. Projects directed by The Fast The Furious director Rob Cohen and delivered on time and on budget.

Developed campaign strategy and produced content for Coca-Cola, General Motors, Diamond resorts and others.

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Alan Brochstein of 420 Investor walks us through publicly traded cannabis companies. He makes important distinctions between the Canadian and US traded cannabis stocks and looks ahead to what will be the tipping point to look for.

Key Takeaways:
1:30 – How has cannabis investing changed over the last couple of years
4:37 – Alan talks about his background in cannabis investing
6:31 – Alan explains what a CFA is
7:37 – Is there room in everybody’s portfolio for cannabis stocks
11:42 – Alan talks about the quality of OTC stocks
15:15 – Alan discusses the fundamentals
16:39 – Alan talks about Canadian stocks
23:53 – Alan discusses the state of MassRoots and other companies
31:11 – Alan talks about big institutional investors
33:37 – Matt challenges Alan to pick one stock to invest in
37:55 – Alan’s book recommendation
39:24 – Alan’s tool he uses on a daily basis that is crucial to his work life
40:41 – 420 Investor contact details

Learn more at:

Important Update:What are the five trends that will disrupt the cannabis market in the next five years?
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