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Eating High Meat; Marijuana and Mushrooms

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Learn how to make delicious gourmet Marijuana Chocolate using Cannabis Infused Cocoa Butter today on Infused Eats. Save 10% on everything in the RuffHouse Smoke shop with the code “cannabasics”: http://www.ruffhousestudios.com

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Previous Vegan/ double boiler method chocolate video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztI5X8CsM1c

1 Ounce Dried Cannabis Flowers (Or 2 ounces shake, trim, leaves)
2 cups Cocoa Butter (Food Grade)
2 teaspoons soy lecithin powder (or sunflower lecithin)
2 cups Organic Dutch Process Cocoa Powder
1 cup Honey or to taste (Use Maple Syrup for vegan alternative)
2 teaspoons of Real Vanilla Extract (Or other flavors as desired)
½ teaspoon salt
Toasted chopped nuts (optional)
orange or mint extract (optional)
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High Finance – Investing in cannabis companies

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POT TV – Cannabis pioneer and activist Steve Kubby is now on Pot TV with KUBBY TV. Thinking about investing in a cannabis stock? We interview an expert and find out what’s up with investing in cannabis companies.
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Getting Really High Eating Decarboxylated Cannabis

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I can’t believe how high I got eating a joints worth of bud! I have been high for hours!!!
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Marijuana is a Superfood. This incredibly unique plant contains over 400 different chemical compounds. The number of vitamins, essential oils, and acids found in cannabis has led experts to call weed a “dietary essential.”

Marijuana is a particularly special plant in the world of nutrition because the herb contains extremely high concentrations of cannabinoid acids. Turns out, these acids are incredibly important for basic cell function.

Allgreen Meds – Where Caregivers and Patients Come Together


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How I Got High for 10 Hours on Raw Cannabis Leaves

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you exactly how he got high consuming raw cannabis leaves. In this 2 part episode, John first shares with the best juicers for juicing raw cannabis as well as demonstrating the specific recipe that got him high for 10 hours on the psychoactive effects of raw cannabis.

John’s original intention for making the first half of the video was to educate the public about the best juicer to extract the beneficial phytochemicals, phytonutrients, cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals and more in the cannabis plant.

To purchase the recommended appliances as mentioned in this video so you can duplicate this recipe exactly:

Vitamix Turboblend VS (for extracting the MCT’s out of coconut)

Omega VSJ843 (to extract the raw cannabis, tangerine/coconut)

In the second half of this episode, John recreates this exact recipe for his friend that has a much higher THC tolerances to see if this recipe actually works to get a habitual cannabis smoker high for 10 hours on fresh canna juice that is much healthier than smoking cannabis. You will discover the friends reactions and experience by consuming the Tangerine Coconut Creme Growing Your Greens Dream Supreme Raw Cannabis Juice Recipe that will get you all the beneficial effects of consuming raw cannabis including the THC in its raw, natural and unheated state.

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How to best store your fresh juices:

Other Juicers for juicing raw cannabis and other greens and herbs
Omega NC800 (best for juicing leaves only)

GreenStar Elite GSE-5000 (best for juicing leaves and stems)

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Read the US Patent about Cannabis at:

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The HIGH TIMES Kitchen: Marijuana Tincture

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The HIGH TIMES Kitchen: Marijuana Tincture

Welcome to the HIGH TIMES Kitchen. Today we’re making a marijuana tincture. Tinctures can be made with either grain alcohol or glycerin — we’re using grain alcohol.
The Magical Butter makes this process easy. Simply combine the ingredients and four hours later you have a great ganja infused treat to share with friends! You can find more marijuana recipes at hightimes.com.
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Weed Documentary (2016) – High School: Marijuana in an American Public High School

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Weed documentary 2016 – This marijuana documentary shows an inside look a high school weed culture. Marijuana use at this school in Portland Oregon is very high, pun intended. Smoking pot has become almost a norm at this high school, while Mooks, Dabs, and other drugs are becoming a real problem. The documentary shows how smoking weed can lead to problems for many young people and also tries to show the disconnect between students and teachers on the subject of drugs. The documentary is not trying to make a statement about marijuana or drugs in general; this is not anti-drug propaganda. The documentary is however intended to bring to light a growing problem and open a more in-depth discussion.

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When I first started making this documentary film, I was smoking a lot of weed. I had always believed that marijuana was completely different from other drugs and would never be a huge problem for society. However, the more I investigated this topic, the more I began to realize that weed wasn’t all good. I was surprised upon returning to my old high school to find that xanax and other pills were becoming pretty popular. What’s more, no parents or teachers or anyone at the school had any idea that there was an issue. It was just a bunch of kids experimenting with something that many saw as not a “hard drug”. I don’t blame marijuana for causing a small xanax epidemic at this school, that would be absurd. But what I can tell you is that only one year ago, virtually no one did xanax and marijuana was the drug of choice. In 2015 a very high percentage of my class smoked weed, and smoked weed regularly. It seems like pot is still the drug of choice at this high school but it seems like things have just gotten so much worse in the last year. Also the whole “mooking” thing is pretty out of hand as well. I know it’s just weed and tobacco, but I guess when you hit it out of a huge bong several times a day it has some gnarly consequences. I know that in the last year Oregon has legalized marijuana and in the same year the drug problem has gotten worse at this school, but I really don’t know if you can connect the two. Kids were smoking just as much weed before legalization. Maybe it has something to do with the “it’s not cool anymore” affect as stated by lil droosie. I have always supported marijuana legalization. I think people should have the freedom to use cannabis for recreation. However, after making this documentary I feel less sure about legalization than ever. I know that legalizing could help with our prison overcrowding, cut power away from drug cartels, and is just generally the right thing to do. But it really does seem like it may lead to an inevitable increase in underage use. I don’t know and neither does anyone else. Since making this documentary I have started smoking a lot less weed myself and have noticed positive affects. Maybe I’m just getting old and more conservative , and less fun haha. Just know that before you comment that is documentary is anti-drugs or anti-weed, it has made by a liberal 19 year old weed-user who didn’t think weed was bad before he started investigating.

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Filmed and Edited by Ben Grayzel
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Art by Molly Hamilton https://standbyforstories.wordpress.com/
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Trey Gowdy has a field day grilling a nonsensical crafter of drug policy.

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420 Tech – Best Vaporizers 2017 – High Tech Review

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Toke along and celebrate the beauty of the 20th of April as DTR (HTR) delves into the fog of some of the best marijuana vaporizers of 2017. Enjoy!!!

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Drunk Tech Review is an informative, hysterical, drunken, and unfiltered round-table discussion in the realm of gadgets and technology. We provide the latest reviews on your favorite brands like Apple, Google, Samsung, & Microsoft, as well as intoxicated testing of unique products ranging from electric vehicles to jet-packs, Bluetooth speakers to gaming consoles, and headphones to virtual reality goggles.
New episodes every week. Enjoy!!!

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High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup 2016 ~ Sativa Beauty Contest!!! Part 1

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