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Weed Review-Girl Scout Cookies

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Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain Review We sampled TopShelf’s version of the new classic marijuana strain, Girl Scout Cookies.

The following is the description of the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain from Verdabase http://verdabase.com/search?q=girl+scout+cookies:

“A recent newcomer whose origins are shrouded in a bit of mystery, Girl Scout Cookies has arrived with a splash. Well deserving of numerous Cannabis Cup awards, this indica-dominant strain delivers a euphoric high, time-bending cerebral effects, and a mellow, yet deep, full-body relaxation. A therapeutic powerhouse offering a strong dose of relief for those with severe pain and effectively countering anxiety, depression and stress as well. A little goes a long way with this high THC strain, in higher dosages it can be a real knock-out. Best used when there is not much to do but simply relax.

“Growing Environment: Indoor/outdoor Garden Skills: Intermediate Flowering Time 9 – 10 weeks Yield: Moderate to heavy Look for a 9 to 10 week flower when you grow Girl Scout Cookies – which by the way is available in clone-only form directly from The Hemp Center in San Francisco. The yield from these ladies can be as much as 2 ounces per plant when grown indoors, and she’ll thrive when in a hydroponics environment. Suitable for a Sea of Green garden but much preferring room to branch out, most gardeners find GSC to be a highly versatile and lively strain that has shown a significant resistance to most diseases and pests.


The Girl Scout Cookies strain produces plants of medium height with robust branches covered in bright green leaves. The buds are dense and display coatings of silver crystals and sticky resin. In cooler conditions, the plants can take on a purple colour. THC level has been measured in the lab at 19.3 percent. Indoors, Girl Scout Cookies grows well in hydro and although you can use the SOG growing method the plants should be allowed to stretch a little to optimise the harvest. The plants have good resistance to mildew and pests and flowering time is nine to 10 weeks. You can expect to harvest around 60 grams per plant. Outdoors, this strain needs lots of warm sunshine to thrive so you’ll need to grow it somewhere with a Mediterranean climate. Harvest in the northern hemisphere is in mid-October.


We were very happy after smoking a spliff of TopShelf’s Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain and happy to have picked our sack up at Belmar recreational www.belmarshop.com

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Week 1 of the Indoor Cannabis Grow series by GreenBox Grown

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Hello Cannabis Growers and welcome back for week 1 of the Indoor Grow series. This week we will be covering the first nutrient watering and will begin misting the plants several times each day. We will also cover some of the normal signs of transplant shock. So lets get started!

Here we are for day 1 of week 1 and the plants are doing really well thus far! You can see the leaves are perked up and are the perfect shade of green. Right now I am going to provide a misting of plain pH water. Make sure to do this throughout every day during the vegetation cycle and to get a good coverage on all leaves. This will help keep the fan leaves nice and healthy so they can help your cannabis plants grow at an extremely rapid pace!

Alright so the soil is dry a little over an inch deep so that means they are ready for watering. Since these clones haven’t had any nutrients for awhile, it is officially time for the first nutrient feeding, and I will be adding coco wet, using the fox farm dirty dozen schedule and will be pH’ing at 5.8. I will mix a gallon of this nutrient feeding, but I will only be needing a solo cup or so for each plant. So for this nutrient feeding I will be following the Cutting and Seedlings Mix, which is listed right before the Week 1 mix. Be sure to add your coco wet and nutrients before pH’ing the mix, as those will raise and lower the levels. It is also a good idea to be very gentle when pouring the water, so you do not displace soil and disturb the roots.

When mixing up your nutrients, it’s a good idea to shake up the bottles beforehand as they tend to separate and settle after sitting for awhile.

Now that we have the nutrients properly mixed and pH’d, it is time to water the plants. Here is a better look at the feeding chart for this weeks nutrient mix requirements.

And since the plants are so small, they really only need a small amount of water at a time, so just take a solo cup and slowly pour around the base of the plant so the soil doesn’t move around. Once you have lightly covered all of the top soil, you are done watering the plant. It took about 3 cups full for this Lemon Banana Sherbet plant to be properly watered! Now repeat this same process for the other plants in the grow room and you are all set for your first nutrient feeding!

If any soil was moved around, you can replace it over the base of the clone and then lightly pack it down. Now that you have finished watering with nutrients, you are ready to mist the plants. Remember to use water pH’d to 5.8 and to give a good coverage on all leaves.

Here we are the next day, and you can see I hung the other fan up from the ceiling. Both temp and humidity are looking good and the plants are soaking up yesterdays nutrient feeding really well! Since the soil is still really moist right at the surface, I will only do a pH’d spray for these plants.

Here is the last day of week 1 and I am going to show you guys how I have my lights hung up by bungie cords so I can raise them even higher. You’ll see with the bungees wrapped around, you can easily raise or lower the light, with a slight adjustment on the bungie. Here is a shot of the 56 watt led over my seedlings, which are Northern Lights Autoflowers and were covered in another grow series! That completes the week 1 indoor series video and you are now ready to move on to week 2 in this series. As always, thank you for watching and happy growing!

Cannabis growing can seem like a really daunting and expensive activity, but it is much easier than you think! The GreenBox Grown video series breaks down each step of your grow and really simplifies the process, making it easy to follow. You will also learn how to grow on a budget so you don’t have to break the bank to get started! No matter what your growing experience may be, if you follow the GreenBox Grown series, you are guaranteed a successful harvest! Always have a supply of cannabis when you Grow Your Own.
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