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Flushing Cannabis before Harvest

What is the Point of Flushing Before Harvest? (Leaching Extra Nutrients Out of Buds)

Flushing cannabis just means watering your marijuana plant with plain water for a period of time before harvest. This helps make smoother buds.Flushing is free and easy technique that may improve the quality and smoothness of your cannabis buds beforeharvest. Sounds good, right? Of course it does! But growers must also be careful with flushing before harvest because if you do it too early you can actually hurt your quality (and reduce your yields)!

The process of flushing involves giving your plants just plain water with no nutrients for a period of time before harvest. For growers who normally give water to their plants with nutrients in it, you would water your plants as normal with the same type of water you normally use, but you don’t add any nutrients. Depending on the setup, growers usually flush their plants this way for a few days up to about 2 weeks.

Note: You still need to pH the water during the flush, because too high or too low pH can cause your plant to absorb extra aluminum and salt out of the water!

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