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Marijuana Garden Rescue | Why Most Growers Fail | Troubleshooting Jason Garden

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This video is the first in a series. Starting with a sick shitty garden, i’ll show you everything wrong and what you’ll need to make it better. We’ll look at problems, failures and the same old – same old mistakes every new gardener makes.

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“Got always keep the theory smooth major. The key to success is not to go in dry.” ~DJ Khaled. A Mad Memes production. Enjoy!
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Cooking with Legal WA Medical Marijuana: Gummy Bears – Fail

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Cooking with Legal WA Medical Marijuana:  Gummy Bears - Fail

Although this attempt was a fail, check out the successful version: https://youtu.be/XkKTjxMjgsc

This is one more in our series of cooking with cannabis videos. We used a recipe from Cannabis Now Magazine. Check out the results!

The image is from High Times magazine.

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