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Caterpillars Eating your Cannabis Plants | How to Eliminate & Prevent

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What’s up cannabis growers, my name is Dylan and welcome back to GreenBox Grown! In today’s video I’m going to show you how to eradicate and prevent a caterpillar attack on your cannabis plants. It is important to know how to do this as these bugs can quickly chew through your whole crop in no time. So let’s go see how that’s done!

Caterpillars are a very common pest to outdoor and greenhouse growers and like I mentioned, they can cause severe damage to your crop if not properly taken care of right away. That is why it is crucial to react and treat the situation the second you first see signs. Also, you should always be on the look out for signs of pests and other problems so you can catch it in the early stages and nothing surprises you!

Alright so First things first, you need to know how to properly identify a caterpillar attack before you can even treat it. The first and most obvious signs are if you can spot any caterpillars with the naked eye, crawling around on the leaves or stems of your plants. Since they are green they can be hard to spot with a quick glance, so that’s another reason why I recommend to always be looking over your plants closely. If you do find any caterpillars, simply pull them off your plant and release them back into the outdoors a little ways away from your grow site, so they cannot come crawling back!

The next way to identify caterpillars are attacking your plants is there will be chunks of your fan leaves missing and it will look like actual bites were taken out of them. This is of course because the caterpillars eat the leaves, which eventually causes the fan leaves to die. The final way to tell if there are caterpillars present in your cannabis grow, is by slime trails left behind on your fan leaves. This is an easy way to spot them and will look like a glistening stripe of spit on your leaf. The slime is just a left behind from the caterpillar as it crawls across your leaves and doesn’t actually damage them.

Once you have identified that you in fact have a caterpillar infestation, it is time for step 2 which is to eliminate the bugs from your grow room. The first part of is to do a thorough sweep of your plants and remove any caterpillars you find by hand. Next you can give your plants a lite spray of neem oil mixed with water, and the neem oil bottle will have the proper mixing ratio. Don’t soak your plants with this as it can cause them to wilt.

If you are in flower, you can wipe the fan leaves down with paper towels soaked in this mix so you don’t get any on buds. The idea is this helps prevent any caterpillars from coming back and causes the ones that are there to die or leave. The spray is something you will want to do after the hottest part of the day and at least 3 hours before lights off for your plants. This is how it is most affective. Also you will want to continue the spray each day until you no longer see caterpillars crawling around.

Alright so that is everything you need to know about removing caterpillars from your cannabis grow. If you enjoyed the video please give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel! Also feel free to leave a comment below with your feed back. As always, thank you for watching and until next time…


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Eating High Meat; Marijuana and Mushrooms

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Medical Proof That Eating Raw Cannabis Herb Cuts The Risk Of Having Strokes By 50%

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The magic herb strikes yet again.

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Raw food activist free cannabis describes some of the characteristics of healthy cannabis consumption that in fact is one of the most potent medicinal uses of plants available. His message grow your own and eat it raw.

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Getting Really High Eating Decarboxylated Cannabis

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I can’t believe how high I got eating a joints worth of bud! I have been high for hours!!!
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Marijuana is a Superfood. This incredibly unique plant contains over 400 different chemical compounds. The number of vitamins, essential oils, and acids found in cannabis has led experts to call weed a “dietary essential.”

Marijuana is a particularly special plant in the world of nutrition because the herb contains extremely high concentrations of cannabinoid acids. Turns out, these acids are incredibly important for basic cell function.

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My First time Eating a Cannabis Edible

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My First time Eating a Pot Edible was when I was 17, it was a weed cookie and it was Christmas day. Happy holidays to all and I hope this Video finds its way to your funny bone.
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Why The Effects Of Eating Marijuana Are Different From Smoking

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Explaining the reasons why eating marijuana is truly different from smoking.
TheDrugClassroom is dedicated to providing the type of drug education that everyone deserves. Drugs are never going to leave the culture and there has never been a culture free from drugs.

Therefore, it only makes sense to provide real education that is free from propaganda.

TDC doesn’t advocate drug use but we operate with the intention of reducing the harm that some substances can bring.

Feel free to ask questions!
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Smoking Marijuana vs. Eating Marijuana | Marijuana

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Watch more Marijuana Facts & Medical Marijuana videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/506368-Smoking-Marijuana-vs-Eating-Marijuana-Marijuana

Depending on how you ingest cannabis, your body is going to feel different effects and for different periods of time. If you ingest cannabis by smoking or vaporizing you’re actually going to feel the effects of cannabis right away, probably within anywhere between 30 to 90 seconds. Now, this can be good for people who need pain relief right away, but it’s also a good way to see how much cannabis you want to consume. You can take a small inhalation and wait a few minutes and see what the effects are before you take more. Now for people who need longer lasting effect of cannabis, they find that eating it actually stays in their body longer, and they can feel those side effects of inflammation relief or pain relief. They’re going to feel that longer. And so people either choose to either make butters or oils and put into their food.

Now, with eating cannabis, it actually takes anywhere from, it could take like 45 minutes all the way up to an hour for you to feel the effects. And so people often eat too much cannabis and then they feel unwanted side effects. For some people they feel a raciness of the mind. They can even feel paranoid or frightened. And if you’re using medical cannabis and this happens, it’s a good thing to have someone near you or have someone you can call. And just know that it’s going to go away. Know that the longest that you’re going to be in that state is going to be a few hours. And so, you know, be careful about the amount you’re going to take so you don’t get to that state, but you should also feel comfortable in knowing that that’s the worst that’s going to happen. So it’s my suggestion that if you’re going to try to eat cannabis to really take some time during your week to figure out just how it’s going to affect you. So knowing that it’s going to take 45 minutes to even set-in, when you first eating cannabis, probably do it at dinner or after dinner and really give yourself some time to feel the effects and start getting an idea of what your dosage is. And again, if you are inhaling it you’re going to feel it right away. If you’re eating it it’s going to take a while, but it’s also going to last longer.

Now, another form of ingestion are tinctures, which are a liquid form of cannabis where you use alcohol usually as a base or glycerin to pull the compounds out of the plant. And taking cannabis in this way you’re going to feel the same side effects as eating cannabis and it’s going to take almost as long to kick in.
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