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Cannabis Canada

Although the green light for recreational cannabis has been turned to an orange light, the Canadian government has only delayed the inevitable until early July where they will vote on legalizing recreational cannabis.

Cannabis remains a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act and unless regulated and licensed under the act and for medical purposes is still subject to criminal offences under the act. Many businesses are gearing up for the final evolution of a legal cannabis market in cannabis and delivery services are popping up all over the Internet.

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GanjaGrams.ca – Top delivery service country-wide

ganja-gramsI was recently in Ottawa, Canada, visiting family and friends. It was my first time in the country, long-overdue but made it and definately a white xmas. I asked my aunt about cannabis in Canada, as she is a toker herself and I have always heard Canada is a top cannabis destination with fairly liberal laws regarding the plant.

Canada is hopefully going to set the benchmark in the early new year for both medical and recreational marijuana. The country has played a pivotal role in modern cannabis laws around the world. Some of the top strains we have heard about, such as BC Bud, is from Canada. So I wanted to know how to access it, and fast.

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Ganjagrams.ca is a leader in the Online Mail Order industry for patients to Buy Weed Online In Canada, our goal is to ensure all our patients buy the highest quality marijuana products from the Islands of BC. Here at Ganjagrams, we strive to satisfy and to meet all of our patient’s needs.

Website: Ganjagrams.ca
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CBD HEMP Oil by Serenity Hemp Co.

Developing a sustainable hemp farm is our priority. We strive to create the best possible practices for our family farm and the entire hemp-growing community here in Colorado and the nation. With our incredible team of aquaculture specialists, horticulturists, and regenerative agriculture professionals, we will produce hemp crops of the highest quality, and reduce water waste and pollution in our local area.

We are a family with a special needs son (@GideonsGarden) aiming to grow quality Hemp CBD to provide free CBD concentrates to special needs children in low income families! We are hoping to grow this small eCommerce business, to help us achieve the goals we set out for our son, and children just like him.

WEBSITE: www.serenityvalleyhempco.com
TWITTER: www.twitter.com/SerenityHempCo
INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/SerenityValleyHempCo
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/SerenityValleyHempCo

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IMAG+ Dry Herb / Concentrates Vaporizer

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Marijuana Product Review: IMAG+ Dry Herb / Wax Concentrates Vaporizer

Thank you to Wizard Puff – The Vaporizer Superstore for providing the IMAG+ for us to review today. They have the vaporizer available now at an insanely low price. IMAG+ at Wizard Puff: http://bit.ly/IMAGPLUS (Pre-sale at .99 then .99 reg price)

Price: Avg. 9 – Retail availability: Available online now and in stores soon in the US.

Product Features / Overview: Pen style vaporizer that use can for both flowers as well as concentrates such as wax, oils and shatters. It features 3 temperature settings, a rust proof iron baking chamber, a 2200 milliamp battery, simple one button operation and a very sleek and discreet profile. Available in black and woodgrain finish.

What’s in the box: 1 IMAG+ Vaporizer Unit – 1 Packing tool – 1 cleaning brush – 1 tweezer – 1 wax/liquid heating cup – 1 usb charging cable – 1 user manual

First Impressions: On first glance the IMAG+ has a solid weight and tight fitting joints, a rubberized plastic coating on most of the device with hard plastic mouthpiece. There is exposed metal around the single button and at the base of the unit. It’s heavy for it’s size which is larger than standard 510 thread devices but slimmer than post portable dry herb vaporizers.

RATINGS (5 star system)
We tested the IMAG+ using both ground dry herb as well as wax concentrates. The following 5 star rating system will reflect a balanced score between wax and flower for each parameter. These parameters are Price/ Value, Design / Features, Performance and Vape Cloud /Taste.

Price / Value (Value comparing price and features of comparable devices)
Rating: 4 – Reason: Priced comparable to other similar devices, the quality, design and performance for both wax and dry herb give it an advantage over most vaporizers in it’s class.

Features / Design (Aesthetics, user friendliness, stealthiness. etc)
Rating: 4 – Reason: Stylish, sleek and well constructed the IAG+ is stealthy and effective. Minus 1 star for the plastic tip that can get pretty hot at end of cycle.

Performance of device (How well the device vaporizes the material)
Rating: 4.5 – Reason: Flawless vaporization of dried herbs 5 stars there. Zero combustion at highest setting. Very good vaporization of the wax although it was difficult to tell when the wax was spent as the heating chamber is opaque.

Taste / Cloud (How big are the clouds, how is the taste? Effectiveness in producing high feelings.)
Rating: 4 Reason: The clouds produced by the dry herb cycle was intense and at least 10 big puffs were achieved from a single loading. On the wax end, there was less vapor and fewer hits per cycle but that is to be expected with wax.

Overall Rating: 4.125
Review Summary: An excellent dual purpose vaporizer that is stylish, stealthy and well constructed.
Pro: Excellent performance on both wax and flowers.
Con: Plastic mouthpiece gets too hot.

Again I want to thank Wizard Puff – the Vaporizer Superstore for being great guys and for sending us out the IMAG+ to make this review. they have the lowest price I’ve seen on these IMAG+ tape pens too so don’t miss out on their crazy deal at the link on the screen or in the description.

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IMAG+ at Wizard Puff: http://bit.ly/IMAGPLUS (Pre-sale at .99 then .99 reg price)

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