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Weed Jobs: 3 Companies Cashing in on Legalized Marijuana

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The legal marijuana industry is looking to create more than a quarter million jobs and .3 billion in state tax revenue by the year 2020. With cannabis taking over Jared Cotter decided to take a closer look at the people who are already working in the industry in unique ways and cashing in… legally!

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Facebook Tips for Cannabis Companies

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Celeste Miranda with The Cannabis Marketing Lab discusses Facebook Tips for Cannabis Companies.

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High Finance – Investing in cannabis companies

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POT TV – Cannabis pioneer and activist Steve Kubby is now on Pot TV with KUBBY TV. Thinking about investing in a cannabis stock? We interview an expert and find out what’s up with investing in cannabis companies.
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These Companies Allow Employees to Use Marijuana at Work

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What if we told you there’s U.S. companies allowing and even encouraging employees’ marijuana use during office hours? No, there’s no catch. It’s perfectly legal. As you may have already guessed the companies are in a state that’s legalized recreational marijuana use. With studies proving marijuana use doesn’t dumb down users and that marijuana isn’t detrimental to users’ health, could other companies also begin to allow employees to get high while on the clock?

CNN reports Denver’s Flowhub, a software company founded last year, allows employees to use marijuana at work. Co-founders Kyle Sherman and Chase Wiseman told CNN the “philosophy” at Flowhub, which works with the weed industry, is to get things done. “If it [marijuana use] helps our employees get work done, then we don’t care if they consume at work,” said Sherman. Leading by example, Sherman and Chase also use marijuana at the office. Because the building where Flowhub is located doesn’t allow smoking, its 18 employees use “cannabis-infused edibles, sodas, and juices” according to CNN.

The co-founders say they use marijuana at meetings to jog their creativity. “It definitely surfaces new ideas and a fresh take on things,” said Sherman.

Sherman and Chase said they haven’t run into a problem with their marijuana policy yet.

Other companies letting employees use marijuana are High There! and MassRoots are social media sites for stoners, the latter described as a “Facebook for pot users.” MassRoots cofounder Isaac Dietrich is especially privy to the work policy considering he said he was smoking weed when he came up with MassRoots which has .4 million in funding.

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These Companies Allow Employees to Use Marijuana at Work from Complex.

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Less than two weeks after Attorney General Eric Holder announced plans for sweeping drug sentencing reform to help fix a “broken system,” the DEA has ordered security and armored vehicle companies to quit serving state-legal cannabis providers, according to industry sources.

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3 Devastating Branding Mistakes Cannabis Companies Are Making

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Do you have a marketing, branding or design question that relates to the craft beer or cannabis industry that you want us to answer? Email me at grow@rootundertheinfluence.com and we will answer your question in one of our videos!


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Branding is all about consistency. Your business needs a cohesive brand strategy that is implemented throughout every marketing channel.

Many companies in the Cannabis Industry put so much time into their products and services that they forget to create a unique brand experience.

1 – Mismatching product packaging

Inconsistent packaging from companies is one of the biggest problems that we see.

Many edible companies offer several different types of products, but will rarely keep consistency in their branding.

Their suckers, baked goods, pill containers and oil packaging are so different from one another that it’s impossible for a consumer to recognize that the products are made by the same company.

Not only should your packaging be eye-catching and stick out on a shelf, but a customer should instantly recognize that the product is produced by your company.

Having easily identifiable packaging and consistent branding will help increase repeat purchases and brand awareness of your products.

2 – Disjointed marketing channels

Another branding mistake that we often see are marijuana companies creating an inconsistent brand experience across marketing channels.

The fonts, logo and color schemes should remain consistent across all marketing channels.

This includes what your social media images, your website design, as well as your physical marketing collateral such as business cards or flyers. Your branding needs to be consistent.

When a customer visits your website, you should be presenting them with a similar experience that they will have in your dispensary, consuming your products or working with your business.

Consistently branding your company throughout all marketing channels will help your brand recognition.

It is important to remember people feel more comfortable purchase from brands that they know rather than ones they haven’t heard of before. That is my brand recognition is so critical.

Over time this allows people to create a relationship with your company as they try your company’s different products or services.

3 – Inconsistent brand experience

If you believe your business creates a superior high quality cannabis product, offers a unique dispensary experience or provides premium services to those in the Cannabis Industry, then your branding needs to convey that message.

People associate design with trust. You can have the best cannabis edible on the market, but if your packaging does not reflect that same level of quality consumers may never try your product.

If your dispensaries website looks like it was built in 2005 or designed by your cousin in his basement, people are going to associate that online experience with what they will receive in your store.

Your company needs to have unique high quality design work that resonate with your audience and backs up the superior quality of your products or the five-star service you provide to your customers.

Start building a consistent brand

The sooner you start building a consistent brand, the quicker your company can start reaping the benefits of having one.

The Cannabis Industry is still in its infancy. If you start branding your company consistently now you are setting your company up for long-term growth.
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On BNN Sat May 20 & Sun May 21, 2017 – on national TV, BTV-Business Television highlights industry experts and companies making waves in the cannabis space including:

CanniMed Therapeutics (CMED:TSX) – in the cannabis business since the 90’s, CanniMed is focused on providing pharmaceutical-grade products with an emphasis on quality control.

Beleave Inc. (BE:CSE) – received clearance from Health Canada to begin cultivating their first crop and looking to lead next-generation discoveries in medical cannabis.

Lexaria Bioscience (LXX:CSE) –focused on the absorption, better flavour and improved delivery of compounds found in edible cannabis products.

Organigram (OGI:TSX.V) – a new CEO with 30 years in the healthcare industry leads this licensed medical cannabis producer.

Aphria (APH:TSX) with comments from Jason Zandberg, Equity Analyst, PI Financial, and Neal Gilmer, Research Analyst, Haywood Securities on one of the earliest licensed and lowest cost producers in the competitive cannabis industry.

Equity Analyst at PI Financial, Jason Zandberg and Research Analyst from Haywood Securities, Neal Gilmer give their take on the unique cannabis sector.

James Black, Listings Development, CSE shares why U.S. companies are showing interest in the cannabis market up north.

BTV, a half-hour weekly investment news program, profiles emerging companies across Canada and the US to bring investors information for their portfolio. With Host Taylor Thoen, BTV interviews experts, top analysts, plus features companies at their location for an insightful business perspective.

CANADA: BNN – Saturday May 20 @ 8:00pm, Sunday May 21 @ 9:30pm EST
Bell Express Vu – Saturday May 20 @ 8:00pm, Sunday May 21 @ 9:30pm EST
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New rules for edible marijuana companies

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Edible marijuana in forms like chocolate and candy is popular in Colorado. Now, the state is restricting the amount of THC, the drug’s active ingredient, that can go into edible varieties of the drug. Barry Petersen reports.
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4 Marijuana Stocks to Put on Your Watch List

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