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Top High Yield Indoor & Outdoor Strains

If you are not an expert grower, you should know that certain strains grow better outside while others are more of indoors type of strains. With the right circumstances and genetics, growers will expect a very high yield. The combination of good genetics and favorable growing conditions is what will guarantee a high yield, which is what everybody wants.

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Marijuana hydroponic grow room setup

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Step-by-Step construction of a basic indoor grow-room that yields
a 1/4 pound of Chronic every two months. Mr. Green takes out the mystery and confusion surrounding the
construction and maintenance of an indoor marijuana grow room
by breaking it down into basic easy-to-follow steps.
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Chronic Medical Cannabis Use by U.S. Legal Patients

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Dr. Ethan Russo continues with the physical examinations on four legal marijuana patients recieving Cannabis from the U.S. government under Investigational New Drugs program.
In this segment, the following are performed:
Brain-wave (EEG) tests; pulminary function ; chest x-rays; immune system function; endocrine system; and hormonal system tests.
Also, the “P-300”, an Evoke-Potential electro-physical test of memory is reported on. The details of this test had to be edited from this segment for time constraint, but the entire study can be viewed at:
Study presented to Second Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics, hosted by Patients Out of Time. DVDs are available at:
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Chronic Medical Cannabis Use

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Even as the federal government calls for more research into medical marijuana, it has refused to study it’s own patients, who receive monthly shipments of Cannabis though the I.N.D.(Investigational New Drug Program). One patient, appearing at the 2002 Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics where this series was presented, had received 300 “joints” per month for 20 years.
Quantifiable and assayed for THC, the government-grown marijuana is low quality, but has suceeded in treating the conditions for which it was prescribed, with little apparent harmful effects.
Patients Out of Time, hosts of the conference, knew this opportunity for good science shouldn’t be missed, so it enlisted the help of doctors and researchers to perform physical and pyschological tests on four of the legal patients: Elvy Musikka; Irvin Rosenfeld; George McMahon and a MS patient.
Dr. Ethan Russo, co-ordinator of the study, first presents patient demographics; medical conditions; and dosage levels, then lists tests performed, including:
MRI scans; chest x-rays and pulminory function tests; neuro-pychological exams; endocrine and immune system tests.
The entire one hour presentation from which Part 1 is edited can be viewed at:
including the “Beck Depression Inventory”, which showed a remarkable lack of clinical depression in the legal marijuana patients(considering their serious medical conditions),as Dr. Russo challenges the “attitude among gov’t officials that euphoria is a bad thing”.
Three of the legal patients tell their personal stories at the Portland conference:
Introduced by Al Byrne and Mary Lynn Mathre, founders of Patients Out of Time. Please visit us at
DVDs of this and other conferences are available.

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Cooking with Chronic: Marijuana Food Recipes

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Cooking with Chronic: Marijuana Food Recipes

Gourmet Cannabis Chef Scott Durrah teaches Fusion’s Chief Cannabis Correspondent, Ryan Nerz, how to cook a delicious chicken dish, using spices and Cannabis coconut butter.

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This episode of Chef’s Night Out includes multiple burgers and fries, so we love it even more than usual. Seattle chef and restaurateur Josh Henderson shows us his favorite places in The Emerald City, from French Creole-inspired cuisine at Restaurant Roux to drunken (and high) burgers at Loretta’s Northwesterner. Topped off with a late night snack of fries ‘n’ queso, this Seahawk-obsessed crew did not let us down.

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HOW TO MAKE CANNABUTTER~Medical Marijuana Butter RECIPE~Ease Your Chronic Pain!

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To Watch PART 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_pwRsn1gpo If you (or someone you know) live in a constant state of pain due to serious illness or injury, then ingesting marijuana in the form of “cannabutter” may very well be the ONLY ticket back to a better quality of life! Not only is marijuana completely non-toxic and non-lethal, its ALSO a MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEVER when used in the right dosage and in the right manner. Let me show you all how to make the VERY BEST medical cannabutter so YOU (my friends) can try it at home for yourself 🙂

Yay, I love you guys. Have fun. Enjoy!

THE SONG IN THIS VIDEO: “Music for a Found Harmonium” (this version comes from the CD called “Celtic Fiddle Festival”).

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Chronic Pain & Medical Cannabis

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July, 2008 – Buddy, an 86 year old man suffering from chronic neuropathy of the feet expresses the excruciating pain, ineffective narcotic medications with side-effects like constipation, and the realization that medical cannabis (marijuana) could help relieve his pain. His own doctor told him that cannabis would help, having certainly read Dr. Donald Abram’s study, “Cannabis in Painful HIV-associated Sensory Neuropathy”, published in February, 2007, that proved cannabis as effective for neuropathic pain as conventional, opiate-type medications – http://www.neurology.org/cgi/content/abstract/68/7/515
This video features sections of Dr. Abrams presentation of his findings, at the 2006 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference, in Santa Barbara, CA, hosted by Patients Out of Time.
Dr. Abram’s presentation, “Cannabis in Pain & Palliative Care”, is viewable in its entirety at:
Buddy’s interview was conducted by Mark Pedersen, Cannabis Patient Network.
Dr. Donald Abram’s presentation is courtesy of Patients Out of Time, and is part of a series of patient testimonies paired with scientific research verifying the efficacy of cannabis for their conditions.
Learn more at: http://MedicalCannabis.com

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Plant to patient: how medical marijuana will work in Ohio
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Chronic pain patients talk medical marijuana as alternative to opiates

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Director of the Dent Cannabis Clinic, Dr. Laszlo Mechtler, called the latest expansion of New York’s medical marijuana program “a game changer.”
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