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Cannabis Infused Grilled Cheese – Wake & Bake

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Cannabis Infused Grilled Cheese - Wake & Bake

This Cannabis Infused Grilled Cheese is made with hash butter and pothead pesto from Wake & Bake: a cookbook. You can also infuse it with cannabis coconut oil (links to recipes below). Marijuana grilled cheese is such an easy and quick edible. The ingredients are totally versatile. You can make it like a gourmet edible or a cheap and easy edible.

Wake & Bake Cookbook: http://www.wakeandbakecookbook.com
Hash Butter Recipe: http://www.wakeandbakecookbook.com/hash-butter
Cannabis Coconut Oil Recipe: http://www.wakeandbakecookbook.com/cannabis-infused-coconut-oil/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wakeandbakecookbook

From the blog post: www.wakeandbakecookbook.com/cannabis-infused-grilled-cheese

Marijuana Grilled Cheese Recipe

I made this recipe cannabis infused by using this hash butter, which, to be totally honest, is the easiest way I’ve found to infuse anything with cannabis. It’s really quick, and the decarboxylated hash just dissolves right into the fat so you don’t have to strain anything out or deal with a mess.

If you don’t have any hash on hand, you can use the crockpot method for making cannabis coconut oil.

Check out the video to see how quick and easy it is to make cannabis infused grilled cheese (well, quick for you… not for me… that shit took for-ev-errr) and follow the step by step below. Appreciate its beauty for a moment. Eat it hot. Be grateful for your food.

marijuana grilled cheese pinMake hash butter or cannabis coconut oil. Calculate your THC dosage. Test if possible.
Preheat a ceramic pan (I use these) over medium heat. Smear:
1 Tablespoon of regular butter on one side of the bread and

1 dose of cannabis infused hash oil or cannabis coconut oil on the other side of the bread

3. Place the bread, HASH BUTTER OR CANNABIS COCONUT OIL SIDE DOWN in the preheated pan until melted (this will help melt the cheese)… you can skip this step to preserve cannabinoids, terpenes and flavanoids.

4. Flip the bread so that it’s REGULAR BUTTER side down and layer on:

organic mozzarella cheese

organic pesto (you can use pothead pesto from Wake & Bake for an extra kick)

organic basil

organic tomatoes

organic parmesan

(or any grilled cheese ingredients that you’d like)

5. Cover the pan with a lid for a minute to help get the cheese melting.

6. Close the sandwich and fry until golden brown on one side. Flip and fry until golden brown on the other side.

7. Serve HOT 🙂
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Cannabis Infused Jalapeno Nacho Cheese Sauce

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BC Cheese


Homemade Jalapeno Nacho Cheese is already a deliciously comforting food that is adaptable to many different recipes, but infuse it with cannabis for the ultimate party food or an everyday munchies snack.
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Ep #7 Cannabis Harvest Day 64 Dinafem Blue Cheese Indoor Grow Room 1000 Watt HPS Growlab Weed Tent

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21 AND OLDER PLEASE! This Ch is being filmed and grown in the state of Oregon. I set this ch up because at one time I had nobody to turn to and had no idea where to start when it comes to growing Marijuana plants. These videos are intended for anybody with an open mind to grow cannabis on your own. I Believe simple is better and less stress you put on your plants the bigger and better they will harvest. I’m still learning to this day and also believe your mistakes are more valuable then you think as long as we stay positive and Grow Grow Grow Peace!
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