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Cannabis Seedlings in Rockwool – Peterborough Hydroponic Centre

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Twenty six day seedling time lapse in a small grow tent. The Auto-Flower Jack Herers will be bloomed in the tent and the feminized Himalayan Golds will be grown into moms and cloned elsewhere.

Come on down and visit us in Peterborough!

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Canna Cribs: E1 - Glass House Greenhouse - Commercial Cannabis Growing Operation in California

In this episode of Canna Cribs the growersnetwork.org team visits a 350,000 sq. ft. growing operation in California to unveil the products and growing methodologies that help Glass House grow successfully at scale.

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Read more about Glass Houses’ growing operations via our Growers Spotlight editorial series: http://growersnetwork.org/canna-cribs/canna-cribs-glass-house-farms-ca/

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