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Cannabis Investment Fund CANOPY will invest $20K NOW in your Canna-Biz Startup!

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Got a great idea for a new canna-business? New-business incubator CANOPY will give you ,000 in seed money and a 13-week intensive business program to get your cannabiz start-up investment-ready!

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Medical Cannabis Industry Commonalities In Startup Booms

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Dooma Wendschuh, speaks to the attendees of CannaBiz Day Orlando, commonalities in startup booms within the medical cannabis industry.

Dooma Wendschuh for 15 years building world class brands, teams and businesses in the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic / competitive industries.

Founder of two successful, disruptive startups. Thought leader, forward thinker and deal maker. Driven to inspire teams, customers, business partners and audiences alike, develop world class branding, and deliver complex projects on time and on budget. Experience designing, and managing teams working with complicated hardware and software systems. Expertise in raising capital from individual and institutional investors; quickly identifying and solving problems; assessing and meeting consumer needs, identifying potential business partners and closing deals.

Launched worldwide known cannabis brand. Co-founder of ebbu, disruptive brand in the cannabis industry. Raised Million from individual and institutional investors. Grew company to Million valuation; 50+ times in national and international media; 8 times on national television; 30+ employees; 6 Ph.D. scientists, all in just 2 years.

Built successful entertainment business with operations in 5 countries. Based in Los Angeles, CA sekretagent Productions helped develop games in Montreal, Canada, Stockholm, Sweden, St. Petersburg, Russia and Casablanca, Morocco. Games which sekretagent wrote, produced or designed grossed more than USD Billion worldwide collectively.

Budgeted, scheduled and produced the first ever 3D commercials for Coca-Cola. Projects directed by The Fast The Furious director Rob Cohen and delivered on time and on budget.

Developed campaign strategy and produced content for Coca-Cola, General Motors, Diamond resorts and others.

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Alan Brochstein of 420 Investor walks us through publicly traded cannabis companies. He makes important distinctions between the Canadian and US traded cannabis stocks and looks ahead to what will be the tipping point to look for.

Key Takeaways:
1:30 – How has cannabis investing changed over the last couple of years
4:37 – Alan talks about his background in cannabis investing
6:31 – Alan explains what a CFA is
7:37 – Is there room in everybody’s portfolio for cannabis stocks
11:42 – Alan talks about the quality of OTC stocks
15:15 – Alan discusses the fundamentals
16:39 – Alan talks about Canadian stocks
23:53 – Alan discusses the state of MassRoots and other companies
31:11 – Alan talks about big institutional investors
33:37 – Matt challenges Alan to pick one stock to invest in
37:55 – Alan’s book recommendation
39:24 – Alan’s tool he uses on a daily basis that is crucial to his work life
40:41 – 420 Investor contact details

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