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How to detox from marijuana

Marijuana can be used for medicinal or entertainment purposes, but it may also prevent you from passing an important pre-employment drug test unless you know how to detox from it. So, what are the most trustworthy ways to get marijuana out of your system and how much time does it take to detox?

Drug tests often involve urinalysis, blood or saliva tests aimed at detecting metabolites of THC. Cannabinoids are normally accumulated in the system (hair follicles and finger nails included!) with the speed that depends on the number of factors: the frequency of use, the drug potency, the body fat rate, overall health, metabolism rates, and the amount of physical activity. You need to know that it will take up to several weeks for the body to do the job and remove all the weed traces. Alternatively, if you lack time before a drug test, you can assist the body in a number of ways and detox from marijuana much faster. Here are the three basic ways to choose from.

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