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MADtv – Bake My Day Cannabis Cooking Show

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Watch this episode of Bake My Day where Max and Scoops cook an omelet and go over viewer questions with Adam Ray and Amir K.

Video Transcription:
this is KCCS

cough cough

and now bake my day

hey everyone welcome back to bake my day
the only / highest-rated can understand

cooking show in its comeria imax and
with me as always is my food taster and

roommates oops excuse was that he’s
doing the show so this is going on 3rd

episode but we’ve already got a couple
pretty serious letters asking why we’re

cooking on a show called bake met a
get-well the bank is kind of a play on

words since we only ever cook things
that have we in them

I just got that it’s so funny believe
you didn’t know that

yeah dude but I think I wrote the
letters were you just asked me so I

didn’t think that the show you was like
the real you man

what I was doing the show we’ve got a
pretty exciting day today today we’re
gonna make omelets

yeah I love omelets too scoops
did you know that all much were invented
in France Sacrebleu with the guy that’ll

count the guy on the beauty and the beat
says the blue I love that movie is

pretty good on its own but actually way
better with pot speaking of things that

are way better with pot everything fit
first set up your equipment

you should have a skillet which we have
right here yeah what’s here super
annoying sacrebleu

scoops not good

that is super funny but I’m actually
really annoyed about not finding this

skillet this is exactly what happened
last two episodes so if you could just
focus up for a second

I’m sorry did you really need it yeah i
do scoops it’s like the main thing I

need besides eggs i forgot to get eggs

I was supposed to remind you man I’m
sorry buddy it’s not your fault I should
just made a list

I’m starving and I getting some cereal
already melted bummer

yeah wouldn’t want you to miss work with
cereal high medium pull the serial do we
don’t even have seniority the left you
loved it

you’re a cat whose I just doing food i
think we’re doing food

oh you want to just order in yeah kind
of food cat food side we got plenty of

that all the show crap so looks like we
didn’t get to make anything again but

tune in next week promise we’ll do

well until then I’m max and this is–

and remember i joined for you join for
me a joint for us who needs a degree

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Cannabis Infused Grilled Cheese – Wake & Bake

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Cannabis Infused Grilled Cheese - Wake & Bake

This Cannabis Infused Grilled Cheese is made with hash butter and pothead pesto from Wake & Bake: a cookbook. You can also infuse it with cannabis coconut oil (links to recipes below). Marijuana grilled cheese is such an easy and quick edible. The ingredients are totally versatile. You can make it like a gourmet edible or a cheap and easy edible.

Wake & Bake Cookbook: http://www.wakeandbakecookbook.com
Hash Butter Recipe: http://www.wakeandbakecookbook.com/hash-butter
Cannabis Coconut Oil Recipe: http://www.wakeandbakecookbook.com/cannabis-infused-coconut-oil/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wakeandbakecookbook

From the blog post: www.wakeandbakecookbook.com/cannabis-infused-grilled-cheese

Marijuana Grilled Cheese Recipe

I made this recipe cannabis infused by using this hash butter, which, to be totally honest, is the easiest way I’ve found to infuse anything with cannabis. It’s really quick, and the decarboxylated hash just dissolves right into the fat so you don’t have to strain anything out or deal with a mess.

If you don’t have any hash on hand, you can use the crockpot method for making cannabis coconut oil.

Check out the video to see how quick and easy it is to make cannabis infused grilled cheese (well, quick for you… not for me… that shit took for-ev-errr) and follow the step by step below. Appreciate its beauty for a moment. Eat it hot. Be grateful for your food.

marijuana grilled cheese pinMake hash butter or cannabis coconut oil. Calculate your THC dosage. Test if possible.
Preheat a ceramic pan (I use these) over medium heat. Smear:
1 Tablespoon of regular butter on one side of the bread and

1 dose of cannabis infused hash oil or cannabis coconut oil on the other side of the bread

3. Place the bread, HASH BUTTER OR CANNABIS COCONUT OIL SIDE DOWN in the preheated pan until melted (this will help melt the cheese)… you can skip this step to preserve cannabinoids, terpenes and flavanoids.

4. Flip the bread so that it’s REGULAR BUTTER side down and layer on:

organic mozzarella cheese

organic pesto (you can use pothead pesto from Wake & Bake for an extra kick)

organic basil

organic tomatoes

organic parmesan

(or any grilled cheese ingredients that you’d like)

5. Cover the pan with a lid for a minute to help get the cheese melting.

6. Close the sandwich and fry until golden brown on one side. Flip and fry until golden brown on the other side.

7. Serve HOT 🙂
Video Rating: / 5

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We found three grandmas who had never smoked pot and gave them an opportunity to try it for the first time. Then we gave them snacks and had them play cards against humanity.

Here’s a link to the condensed version: http://youtu.be/nenE0YxBl80

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How to Bake Cannabis Infused Mango Cake

[youtube id=”tpcTIppMi2k” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″]

Mangoes, Myrcene and Marijuana… all three are ubiquitous with health and wellness. Mangoes and cannabis contain a particular terpene flavor compound called myrcene, or C₁₀H₁₆, which can increase the permeability of cell membranes in the human body making them more receptive to absorbing the cannabinoids in cannabis. As myrcene is one of the most popular terpenes found in cannabis strains, eating mangoes before smoking helps the body benefit even more from the natural healing properties of the plant. These therapeutic characteristics include the following: pain relief, anti-inflammatory, improved sleep and a reduction in diabetic risk factors. So it is safe to say, baking a mango cake edible is like getting a double-dose of happy.

For more recipes visit us at www.prohbtd.com.
Music: “Zoop Zoop Zoop” by Mighty Panther – Copyright & License provided by Goombay Life www.goombaylife.com.

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No Bake Cannabis Chocolate Cookies Cooking with Marijuana #107

[youtube id=”U8lXsp8f9Tk” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″]

This is an easy no-bake recipe for chocolate marijuana cookies using cocoa, cannabutter, peanut butter and oatmeal. Watch for the full recipe, rate, subscribe and suggest a recipe!

2 cups granulated sugar
4 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa
1 stick cannabutter
1/2 cup milk
1 cup creamy peanut butter
1 tablespoon real vanilla
3 cups quick cook oatmeal

Check out more marijuana cooking recipes including how to make cannabutter, how to make coconut oil and more delicious recipes!

Cooking with Marijuana Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBDZKmlpmuk&list=SP2kPvXsoZWzSISum8FTU64-mxkOGJqGV-&index=1

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How to Bake Cannabis Infused Espresso Glazed Donuts

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Donuts and coffee may not be the healthiest breakfast, but with Défoncé cannabis chocolate these homemade baked goods are just what the doctor ordered.
Look below to learn more!

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A clinical study published in 2010 had huge breakfast ramifications: Eating donuts and coffee together might make you smarter! You might ask yourself, why would anyone study such a thing, but PRØHBTD asked, how can we combine donuts and coffee into one deliciously infused edible? Welcome to the espresso-glazed donut made with Défoncé chocolate! You’re getting smarter already.

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