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Raising Awareness About Recreational Marijuana Use

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I’m doing an awareness campaign in my American Government college class. My issue is recreational marijuana. I hope that someday soon people will realize that it’s not all bad, some people just set bad examples and it ruins it for the rest of us.

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Brain Awareness Video Contest: Marijuana Blows Your Mind

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How does marijuana affect the brain? With this video submitted to the 2013 Brain Awareness Video Contest, travel to Amsterdam with Leiden University graduate student Roeland Heerema to learn how tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main mind-altering component in cannabis, affects brain function, impacting short-term memory and motor control.

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Abbey Grove's Drug Awareness day – Bad Education: Series 2 Episode 5 Preview – BBC Three

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More about this programme: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01djw5m Miss Gulliver attempts to give her Drug Awareness presentation to Alfie’s class.
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MARIJUANA EFFECT WARNING Mindfulness Divine Knowledge

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Listen just for very short periods of time p/day

Audio production inspired by:



➔ Indian background drums
➔ 30 Hz Marijuana Effect Frequency
➔ 60 Bpm Drum HeartBeat for Entry Meditation


➔ 30 Hz Marijuana Effect Frequency


This Frequency is capable of:

Meditation Music
Therapy Frequency
Calming and Relaxation
Yoga & Kundalini
Background Sound
Spirituality Entrance
SubConscious and Ultra Conscious
Unlimited Mind Power and Control
Unlimited Health
Infinite Spiritual World
Spiritual Journey
Soul Meet and Contact
Connection to all Chakras
Infinite Frequencies to the Infinite Flat Universe
Doorway to all Other Vibrations and Frequencies
Healing Door to All Diseases
Pineal Gland Detox and Enlightenment


Soul = Source
Intellect = Mind
Body = Temple

The Soul is the highest extension of the Intellect
The Intellect is the highest extension of the Body
The Body is the highest physical extension of the Soul

The Mind has 3 compounds:

Conscious = Awaken life state
Unconscious = Sleep state
Subconscious = Experience state

All starts by the Perception
from the perception you create new Thought
from the thought you create your Reality

Reality follows the thought, which follows perception

Life is a infinite triangle circle
once you keep circling you get the thing

Once you have a full clarity of this you arrive at one point at life like us now which divides itself into 2 ways:

Do you wanna be guided or do you wanna be the Creator?

Knowing the Path is being guided by the Creator
Walking the Path is being the Creator itself


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Pot, otherwise known as cannabis or marijuana, is considered a spiritual medicine and has been used as such since 2000 BC because it is a psychoactive drug. Pot is considered psychoactive because it can alter one’s state of consciousness. Altering one’s consciousness helps them to break free of illusion and the restriction of limited perception.
The number one benefit of cannabis is that it helps people to release resistance. By affecting the brain like it does, it inhibits the brain from focusing on and translating the resistant, stressful thoughts that cause a negative emotional response within the body. This is why it is so effective at reducing stress. And this is also why it is so effective for the use of pain management. Pain is a symptom of resistance. By causing a person to release resistance and “flow downstream with life” a person is free to be who they really are. More of their true essence is present in the absence of resistance and this is why people often undergo such intense spiritual experiences while under the influence of cannabis. But this is also why it is used recreationally.
If a person tries to escape their resistance by using a tool like cannabis, they have learned nothing but to be dependent on the tool. They may have increased their awareness of what is beyond this dimension, but they have not learned anything about how to access states of consciousness beyond the 3-D consciousness on their own, without the use of an external substance/tool. In essence, they have become powerlessly dependent.
While these medicines are often life changing because they can serve to crack through the illusion of the physical dimension so a person can peer beyond the illusion, they all too often become a person’s only way of transitioning their consciousness into a “more spiritual” state. They then become a crutch that disables a person from reaching those states organically. The feeling state created by these medicines becomes an addiction and the more subtle transition of increasing one’s vibration and altering one’s focus so as to facilitate an organic shift in consciousness, no longed registers as a “special and noteworthy experience” when compared with the intensity of the radical break from reality, caused by the medicines. So often the drug itself becomes the person’s only access to spirituality. The drug itself becomes the religion.
In this episode, TEAL explains the benefits and drawbacks to using pot in spiritual practice.
Kuan Yin’s Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel – used by permission http://www.sacreddream.com

Help us caption & translate this video!


❤ Teal’s web page: http://tealswan.com/
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Marijuana and Alcohol Awareness Devon, Jessica, Lucas, Eli v

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Skyline HS entry into Influence the Choice video contest 2014
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