Reasons to Use a Marijuana Tincture?

tinctureThe following are some reasons why you should use a marijuana tincture.

Of course, if you use a marijuana tincture, you will lose some of the social aspects that smoking gives you. But marijuana tinctures are more private, secretive and efficient.

1 – Easy to take: Marijuana tinctures do not generate any smoke or dirt unlike smoking. They are good for those that are so sick that they can’t swallow or chew easily.

2- No smell: Marijuana tinctures have no unique or recognizable smell. You don’t have to worry about anyone catching you using it.

3 – Quick high: Marijuana tinctures are mixed liquids or alcohol that come in small bottles. They contain some concentration of marijuana. During the process of making them, the alcohol absorbs the cannabinoids and the THC. You can apply the tinctures under a
tongue with an eye dropper and it will get you high quickly.

4 – Very competitive price: As the tincture has absorbed all the cannabinoids qualities of the plant, nothing gets wasted in comparison with smoking. Moreover those who have
a card for medical marijuana, can get a marijuana tincture at any dispensary in bottles that are large enough to last you for some time. There is usually a variety of marijuana tinctures from several popular marijuana strains. A 100 drop bottle containing
marijuana tincture costs round $25.

5 – Long lasting effects: Marijuana tinctures in the form of edibles take more time to metabolize but they get effective in as little as 15 minutes. You get a fast peak that lasts for a very long time. Your choice of bud will determine how long and how high
you will be.

7 – Long shelf life: Marijuana tinctures have long shelf life without any reduction in potency.

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