Indoor vegging marijuana plants.

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We look at the indoor vegging marijuana garden at week 5. We talk about lollipopping plants, tricks to watering under a trellis, total veg. cycle time from cuts to flower, and more on gnat control. 18 and over plz.

Dab City DWC’s channel:

Feeling Schedule :

Advanced Nutrients:

Sensi-grow A&B 1.8 ml/l
Nirvana 1 ml/l
Bud candy 1 ml/l

House and Garden:

Amino treatment 1.5 ml/gal
Roots Excelertaor 1ml/gal
hygrozyme 1ml/ l

If plants need more food I kick up the A & B a little….if the need less I dilute a little with water.

E.C. 1.8

Pure Coco Coir #10 pots.

@ 1000 w

Room temps 76-78 degrees F.
Humidity 50- 55%
water temp. at feeding 69 degrees F
20 hrs light. 4 hrs. dark.

Camera :
Tri-pod swivel:

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