How To Roll The Perfect Joint. Every Time.

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Tony Greenhand has made a career out of rolling joints ( You can read our epic profile on Tony here (

Vocativ filmed him at his home in Oregon, where recreational marijuana was legalized in 2015. Given all that, it’s no surprise he’s a perfectionist when it comes to the basics, and his step-by-step tutorial walks through the nine steps to a stupendous jay.

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On Wednesday, we were invited to 1 Percent’s pop-up shop on the Lower East Side for a joint rolling tutorial with Tommy Chong. The timing of our lesson could not have been better: Nancy Grace had just hosted an acid trip of a marijuana debate with 2 Chainz, and while it’s easy to underestimate the weathered smoker, Tommy Chong has a long and distinguished history of ethering pundits on deep cable news shows.

During our conversation with Chong, the 76-year-old comedian gave us his take on #Pot2Blame, spoke about the inherent racism in marijuana legislation, and (of course) taught us how to roll a perfect joint. Enjoy.

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How to Roll a Joint Like Tommy Chong from Complex.

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