How To Roll A Joint With A Joint Roller – RAW Rolling Machine Review

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How To Roll A Joint With A Joint Roller - RAW Rolling Machine Review

In this video we’ll be showing you exactly how to use the RAW rolling machine properly – enjoy.

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(Quick – how to use a joint roller)

1. Pack the open machine lightly with ya goodness & a filter then close.

2. Giver the roller nearest you one full turn downwards.

3. Insert your RAW paper with the gummed edge on top and facing you.

4. Roll down gently moisten the gummed edge before it’s entirely rolled into the machine.

5. Now roll both bothers about 3 times, open and now smoke that perfect joint!

Thanking ya’ll for all the hectic support, it’s muchly appreciated!

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Raw Joint Rolling Machine:
Chromium Crusher Grinder:
This is a quick review of the Raw 79mm joint rolling machine. This thing is awesome! That was my first joint ever rolled, and I am happy that it came out so well/burned so well, and didn’t waste any herb. This thing is awesome, I really can’t say enough.

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