How To Make Ayahuasca Tea

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Ayahuasca Recipe – How to Make Ayahuasca

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There is one thing that calls each and every single person to Ayahuasca.

From around the world, we are all “feeling the call” to this sacred plant medicine, and all that it can do for us.

What feeds that call?

A search for freedom. For answers. For purpose. For why we are here. For the deepest joy that we can only discover within…

Collectively, we are evolving. The world as we know it, has changed, and continues to, every day.

The old way of living, the old way of doing things – living out of alignment with our Highest Truth – no longer works.

If we continue that path, we suffer a great deal of inner turmoil… but we’ve been programmed, to feed “the beast” – the system, that is designed to keep us asleep, enslaved, in fear…

The time has come. We are waking up. And this medicine, Mother Ayahuasca, and other sacred plant medicines, are re-emerging, to help us through these times when we need it most.

These sacred plant medicines, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote, have been teachers to our elders, the indigenous that used to sit with them, commune with them, and learn from them, for thousands of years.

We, The Ayahuasca Healings Family, are committed to Truth. To Love. To Freedom. To the ending of suffering for all of humanity, and the remembering of Joy for us all.

We have brought Ayahuasca to America, to the USA, where we need it most, collectively speaking. This country is one of the ones held strongest by the need for more, the need to accomplish, achieve, and accummulate…

And we know, by serving the USA, we are making the greatest impact into the collective Remembering of the True Secrets of the Heart.

Imagine a world without fear, a world without pain, a world without lack, limitation, competition, anger, jealousy, or war.

Imagine a world of love, of peace, of unity, of joy, of freedom, family, community, and connection, to our Deepest Essence, of Who We Really Are.

It’s happening. It’s inevitable. It is destiny for our Humanity. And Ayahuasca, you, me, and every single one of us in the Ayahuasca Healings Family, are just playing our part, to perfection.

It’s going to happen. Just watch.

Join us. Join the movement. Experience the medicine for yourself, if you feel the call…


With SO much love, committed to our collective awakening,
The Ayahuasca Healings Family

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