Growers, Caregivers, & Dispensary Delivery.

Growers, Caregivers and, Dispensary Delivery Agents are among the new breed of characters that are finding their way online these days. With the marijuana industry absolutely exploding, more and more of the traditional roles are discovering new ways to connect via the internet.

Growers Come Out of the Dark

Let us look at the grower community first. In the past, the way for most growers and patients to connect was through small community groups, or possibly through a patient referral. The growers, who may be legal or not depending on their location, could then start a conversation and work with the patient on a one on one level. But this system has its limitations and is probably not adequate enough for the booming interest in cannabis and its healing qualities. One way growers have found to spread their message to patients and to connect is through web portals like Weedex. These new sites are designed to bring patients and growers together quicker, and while still somewhat unique, the idea is catching on like crazy.

Patients Get the Benefits

It’s the patients who really benefit from these new services. Caregivers can easily find a grower who can provide quality medical cannabis for their patients and loved ones. And while the improvement in methods of connecting growers and caregivers has improved substantially, there seems to be another area where we could see some improvements very soon.

Dispensary Delivery To the Rescue

Most people who will find it hard to get to a dispensary. That is just part of being sick. Getting around is tough. And that makes it doubly hard for patients and caregivers to get the cannabis medicine they require to get healthy. But like all things it seems, market forces us to find ways to fill in the areas that are left vacant and cannabis delivery is undoubtedly one of those areas. For decades, anyone who had the right phone number could easily order cannabis and have it delivered to their home by the local dealer. But legalisation has to some degree lessened that role and made accessing cannabis even more difficult. Delivery it the obvious answer

The Perfect Storm

What we are seeing is a black market turn grey. And with that comes challenges and even more importantly, new opportunities. By harnessing the power of the internet and developing portals for communication between growers, caregivers, patients, and dispensary delivery agents, we should see cannabis continue to makes it long-awaited comeback as this centuries new aspirin.

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