Grow Marijuana: Mother Plant Greenhouse

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Visit Jimmy the Chef’s marijuana mother plant and clone cold frame greenhouse. The structure is ventilated by manually-operated top vents and roll-up sides. The greenhouse is sited in full sun on a side-hill that receives natural wind flow. A little shade cloth is hung in the marijuana mother plant greenhouse to block some of the most intense sunlight.

See many varieties (strains) of cannabis, Larry OG, Girl Scout Cookies, Alien Orange Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Sunkist and Vitamin CBD, both CBD-rich varieties (strains) of cannabis.

Learn how to time your marijuana light dep greenhouse gardens so they always have big clones ready to plant when the previous crop is harvested.

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Cannabist Show: He works to reform marijuana laws; She's a cannabis chef

Our guests on The Cannabist Show this week: Marijuana Policy Project’s Mason Tvert and Cannabist food writer Laurie Wolf.

Top news: Washington state marked its one-year anniversary for recreational marijuana sales on July 8. If you’re curious about how sales compared between Washington and Colorado, which was first in the nation to have stores selling weed to adults Jan. 1, 2014, here’s a breakdown: Washington sold 0 million in its first full year and Colorado marijuana sales were 3 million in the same span. Another notable news story was the surprise announcement that CannaCamp is no more, at least not this year. The much-hyped ranch resort in southwest Colorado scheduled to open July 1 had been promoted as 170 acres of wilderness, with weed yoga and cabins where front-porch smoking was allowed. However, the group behind CannaCamp had to postpone the opening until summer of 2016 after the original plans for the property fell through.

Pot quiz: In this week’s current events quiz, we’ll talk about laws on stoned driving and some new technology for growing marijuana.
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