Finding a Chronic Job in the Cannabis Industry

nowhiringThe Cannabis Industry is new, exciting, dynamic and looking for people like you!!

The American market is reportedly expected to grow by a quarter of a million new jobs by 2020 and break through $ 20 Billion revenues. Still in the early growth stages, the world of cannabis offers many different careers and lots of potential. From starting your own niche business to working in cannabis customer care ( bud-tending ) , security, managing, extraction technicians, among many other opportunities.

Just like in traditional industries, you may be offered similar jobs using your current skills, for instance in sales, marketing, management, cultivation or customer care. There are many “high” paying jobs in the industry, depending on your experience and qualifications. There are a couple good online job portals where you can browse current positions and upload your curriculum vitae for potential employers to peruse.

One such website is Get going, jumpstart your career and get your cv online. chronicjobs



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