Durban Poison

Durban Poison
Durban Poison

For patients who need the energetic, functional qualities of a sativa strain, Durban Poison can provide all of that and a whole lot more. The sweet tang emitted from the frosted dark green flowers is in a category all to itself.

In all seasons, the Northwest is an ideal place to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature’s bounty. Whether it’s hiking up a river trail to gain access to your favorite secluded swimming hole in the summer, or skiing/boarding the slopes of our mountains in the winter. Camping out with friends and family for the weekend or your own personal time just getting out there, Durban is one of the single best medications to do it with.

A pure sativa strain, Durban’s healing properties are a natural way to gain motivation to combat the afternoon doldrums. She is perfect for patients who have a long list of chores to complete, or who need to medicate during the morning/daytime without loss of drive or direction. Her supremely clear-headed relief makes this one an all-time-favorite in patients’ medicine cabinets in many different locales across the globe.

Durban Poison has developed quite the respected and revered following. In the 1970’s renowned cannabis expert Ed Rosenthal obtained some of her seeds in South Africa. He and his close-knit circle of friends grew them, carefully selecting for the best traits over multiple generations. Then Durban made the journey back across the Atlantic where the top echelon of Dutch cannabis breeders did further advanced genetic selection until they were convinced they has the best phenotype. In 1985, the seeds were released for sale to the public.

30 years later, Chalice Farms has developed a superior phenotype of this exalted strain, originally grown from seed, and now available at all of our medical dispensaries. And the rest is history.

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