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Smoking Accessories Online India | Little Goa Head Shop

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Little Goa is an Indian company who manufacture own products at a very affordable prices. We sell various smoking products like hookahs, bongs, bubblers, smoking papers etc.
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Cannabis Weed Pipes, Bongs, Vape, Glass Blowers all here at Champs Trade Show Las Vegas 2017

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Champs Trade Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada!

“CHAMPS has grown into the world’s largest and most popular convention for the industry bringing hundreds of exhibitors face-to-face with thousands of retail and wholesale buyers from all over the globe four times a year. Shows are in the spring and fall in exciting Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center (February and August); the annual east coast show, CHAMPS EAST, held in Atlantic City in May; and CHAMPS Denver, Colorado, held in October and/or November.

Exhibitors including manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, glass artists, inventors, suppliers and many others come together under one convention center roof to view the massive selection of smoking accessories, 420 products, clothing, hand-blown glass and other specialty gifts. CHAMPS 33rd Las Vegas show, held in July 2015, had over 500 exhibitor booths encompassing 180,000 square feet of floor space and had over 36,000 new product launches on display.”

Champs Las Vegas 2017


Piece Maker



Hary Dary




A-Z Review: (Coming Soon)

Disclaimer: A-Z Reviews nor any affiliates endorse or encourage substance abuse or illegal use or transport of narcotics in any way, shape, or form. Information about, and references to, marijuana use contained herein refer strictly to legal medicinal use and/or locations where recreational marijuana use has been legalized. That refers to lots of places internationally, and here in the U.S., the list of states that have legalized marijuana continues to grow, with many more possible additions to the Legal List in the works.

A-Z Reviews is a weekly review channel. Each week there will be a surprise review video; reviews are of products, conventions, and destinations. What sets us apart from other review channels is that we also blog our experiences, which adds a more detailed experience if we forget to mention it in the video or if we have even more to say.

Thank you for taking the time to watch our videos and reading our blog; we are a brand-new channel and here to entertain and educate you about various products, conventions, and destinations. If you have any questions, concerns, or even suggestions, we would be happy to hear them, as we are here to serve you.

A-Z Reviews presents Convention Spotlight, showcasing each convention and educating you about new and upcoming products. I put a spotlight to these conventions for those who cannot attend or would like to live the experience again.
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420 Puff Puff Pizza Party: BONG APPÉTIT with P.R.E.A.M.

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What’s better than weed and pizza? Weed on pizza. In this 420 episode of Bong Appetit, Abdullah heads to Portland, Oregon to attend the second Puff Puff Pizza Party hosted by the good people of P.R.E.A.M. Pizza. He bonds over his love for pizza pie goodness with P.R.E.A.M. Pizza owner Nick Ford as they whip up some infused pizzas using some of Portland’s finest from Farma Cannabis Dispensary.

And because every decent party needs goodie bags, Abdullah pops over to visit Orlando Vega of Sour Bhotz and create his own army of infused sour gummy robots — at over 80mg of THC per Bhot, these little guys pack a punch. Back at the party, the guests chow down on a variety of infused pizzas and Abdullah hops on drums to impress the crowd with his mad stick skills. Pizza for all, and for all, a good night!

There Is No Pizza, Only Apizza: The Pizza Show – New Haven:

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Marijuana Pipe Carving ╱ INSPIRATIONAL ART

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Marijuana Pipe Carving ╱ INSPIRATIONAL ART


In this video you will see the carving of pipe for marijuana. Walking along the beach we noticed a piece of hollow wood which has washed up on shore. Inspiration is immediately reactivated and the result is this beautiful pipe. Enjoy the video!


Reggae instrumental – Heartical Fyah

– Hollow wood ( if you can find it or make it)
– Acrylic colors
– Carving knife
– Clearcoat
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The Coolest and Sweetest Bongs and Pipes 420 Marijuana Cash Crop
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Roll Your Own With The Zig Zag Rolling Machine

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Roll Your Own With The Zig Zag Rolling Machine

Learn how to use the Zig Zag Rolling Machine to roll your own cigarettes, etc.!
►Get more cool weed gadgets here:
✚ Get detailed joint roller instructions here:
It’ll be super fun, you won’t regret it, you’ll probably even write about it in your diary, come on, let’s check out cool weed gadgets yaaayyyy!
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Bucket Bong – How to Build a Bong

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How to make a bucket bong at home.
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This video is intended for legal cannabis patients & adults.
Legal Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Patient.

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Welcome to Epidemic Sound

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How to SMOKE WEED out of a BONG

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How to SMOKE WEED out of a BONG

early 90’s junkies teach you how to smoke weed out of a bong!!!!!!!!!!
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My second video of people choking and failing to hit bongs properly, good laugh when your high! please like and subscribe
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