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Cuando cortar, como secarla y como curar tus plantas de marihuana

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Aprende cuando está lista para cortar tu planta en vídeo, con unas pequeñas muestras que nos dará la planta en el final de sus días. Verás como hay que pelarla con las tijeras para deshojarla, como la secamos y de que manera curarla para que nuestro producto final tenga una calidad mucho mayor que secada mal, como se hace habitualmente si no se sabe como hacerle un buen secado y curado.
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10 Famous People Ruined By Drugs

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10 celebrities who ruined and lost their lives to alcohol and drug addiction. Subscribe:
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Drugs and superstardom seem to go hand in hand. In Hollywood, drugs are easily accessible to celebrities, and many A-list parties center around all-night drug binges and an unlimited supply of alcohol. While many celebs are able to keep their drug use under wraps, others haven’t been so lucky. As fans, we have seen many stars’ lives ruined by their drug habits. Some are able to kick their addictions, but others haven’t been as lucky.

Rocker Pete Doherty’s music career has taken a backseat to his highly-publicized drug addiction. The Libertine’s frontman has been arrested for various drug offenses, including driving under the influence, and possession of crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis and ketamine. The singer completed his last rehab stint in 2015, but his addiction has clearly taken a toll on his life and his appearance. His gaunt frame and severely yellowed teeth should serve as a reminder that drug addiction has harrowing effects on the human body.

Repeated and unsuccessful drug rehab stints seem to be a common theme for many celebrities who just can’t kick their drug habits. Whitney Houston reportedly entered rehab following the airing of her reality show Being Bobby Brown. The singer was never able to kick her habit, and her unusual and drugged-out appearance was the main topic in gossip magazines. During an interview with Diane Sawyer, Whitney admitted drugs were an issue for her in the past, but she had moved on from her addiction. But when she was found dead in a hotel bathtub, the truth was revealed. Cocaine was found in her system, and drug paraphernalia was strewn across her hotel room. Sadly for fans of the singer, her life and career is still tarnished by her drug use and untimely death.

Heath Ledger also had an unsuccessful rehab stint prior to his death. The actor wanted to kick his drug habit prior to filming The Dark Knight, but his attempt was unsuccessful. He was found dead in his Manhattan apartment, and the coroner found a lethal mix of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam and doxylamine in his system. Fans were shocked to hear that drugs were the cause of his death.

Although drugs have been the reason behind many celebrity deaths, many stars get a new lease on life. NBA player Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel back in October 2015, but medical personnel were able to bring him back to life. He was sent to a Los Angeles hospital where he underwent therapy to help restore his memory and to help him kick his habit. But Lamar’s addiction has other plans for him. It has since been reported that he is back on crack, and his ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian, has left him once and for all.

When our favorite stars battle with drug addiction, we have no choice but to sit back and watch as they spiral out of control. This list of 10 celebrities who have been ruined by drugs is a testament to the amount of damage drugs can do to one’s life and career.

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In Colombia, the heirs to Pablo Escobar’s drug empire are conducting business as usual — though with a somewhat lower profile. Today’s Medellin drug cartels are highly structured and run much like multinational corporations. But violent gangs operating in the city’s slums provide the muscle; known as combos, they’ve carved Medellin into fiefdoms, imposing invisible borders between gang territory — borders that, when ignored, often get people killed.

VICE News travelled to Medellin to meet gang members — along with top cartel leaders and assassins — who revealed the inner workings of the city’s modern-day cocaine industry.

How a Mexican Cartel Demolished a Town, Incinerated Hundreds of Victims, and Got Away With It:

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Joe Rogan – Passionate talk about Marijuana

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Joe Rogan gives a passionate talk about marijuana. From JRE #905.
Full podcast –

Joe rogan gives a passionate talk about smoking marijuana and the benefits of using weed. Rogan also talks about legal marijuana and society’s perception towards marijuana and weed smokers. Joe rogan talks weed, marijuana, pot, dmt magic mushrooms psychedelic drugs. Joe rogan mentions the health benefits of using marijuana cbd oil. Joe rogan also talks about high times cup in California and Amsterdam where he judged and smoked all different strains of marijuana. Joe Rogan on weed and marijuana health benefits.

Joe Rogan – Passionate talk about Marijuana –

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Thank for for watching guys!!!! It’s nice to just sit down and talk to yall like we’re homies. This experience was really prominent in my life and I wanted to share this crazy experience with you guys and just be open! And it feels nice!!! I hope you guys have a wonderful day/night and tell your parents you love them!!!!


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HOW DABS ARE MADE – touring a cannabis extraction facility

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this is how dabs are made.
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Students surprised with check to pay for drug education training

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Protecting the next generation from falling into the trap of drug use and addiction got a big boost on Tuesday from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.
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Qué le ocurre a tu cuerpo cuando fumas marihuana

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¿Sabes cómo afecta a tu cuerpo el consumo de marihuana? Fumar cannabis o hierba lleva a que se presenten estos 10 signos o síntomas.

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Marihuana gratis ¿Qué hace la gente?

Fuimos compartiendo marihuana con distintas personas de Santiago. Esta fue la reacción cuando desconocidos se acercan para compartir unas quemadas.

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Moon Rocks The Strongest Weed In The World

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Moon Rocks Review

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Moon Rocks The Strongest Weed In The World

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I quit smokin like 5 years ago, just wanted to talk about my experiences and thoughts on it in general

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