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Tricks On Purchasing Kratom On Various Places

Kratom has been used for many centuries. However, it is still a new product in other countries. There are different varieties of kratom, and there are many ways it can be used. The varying strengths and variables make it ideal for usage. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not sure how they can use it […]

Cannabis Florida

How and why has the status of cannabis changed over time?

This week we’re joined by the legendary Steve DeAngelo, internationally renowned cannabis activist and advocate who founded some of the biggest names in the business including The Arcview Group, Harborside Dispensaries and Steep Hill Labs. Related cannabis posts: Buying Cannabis Seeds Online Safely Cannabis Investment Fund CANOPY will invest $20K NOW in your Canna-Biz Startup! […]


Where Can I Buy Maeng da Kratom Powder in Bulk

Maeng Da Kratom is by far one of the potent strains of kratom available, and not many strains can compete with it out there. As a kratom enthusiast, you probably understand that Maeng Da is the uncrowned king in the world of kratom. Arguably, this strain of kratom has the biggest fan across the globe. […]

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online Safely

With the changes in laws of cannabis around the world and especially in the United States, the time is now to get going with one of the worlds oldest agricultural plants, Cannabis. Although growing cannabis is as easy as growing a garden tomato, there are many points to keep in mind before purchasing your first […]

CBD and pets

What is the right CBD oil dosage for dogs

Today, CBD is being administered for dogs and cats as well, because this compound has produced quite a lot of positive results in humans. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD or CBD oil, is a non-psychoactive chemical compound that is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. Related cannabis posts: Should I Give My Dog CBD to […]

Cannabis Car

Car full of cannabis: 4 dead

A high-performance Audi was packed full of recreational marijuana destined for the bigger city when it lost control and hit another oncoming car. 2 tonnes of cannabis was scattered across the N2 highway in Natal and unfortunately there were 4 fatalities in the incident. Related cannabis posts: Stop Using Cannabis – (9 Hour) Sleep Subliminal […]