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Maryjanes Almanac
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You answered it yourself. I’m Mary Jane! As an investigative writer in the world of marijuana, cannabis, CBD…whatever your flavor. Wouldn’t it be cool if I had some crazy story about growing up in a small town or big city? Perhaps some defying the odds tale about fighting off a wild raccoons to protect my belongings on a camping trip, only to have them take everything but my laptop. I mean, I can come up with something like that if you want but I would rather cut the fluff and chat about the things we are here to chat about. The other Mary Jane.

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Instagram : MaryJAlmanac
Facebook: MJ Almanac
Weed Daily
Address: 3503 Jack Northrop Ave
Suite #AT158
Hawthorne, CA
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Weed Daily strives to be your #1 resource for cannabis related news and entertainment. Headed up by Randy Bishop and a team of content creators.

Randy Bishop founder. Cannabis advocate and entrepreneur.

Danielle Ludwig
City girl living in the sticks, cannabis enthusiast and the least organized person you’ll ever meet. Can usually be seen with a toddler on her hip and wearing too much eyeliner.

Sarah Pope
Freelance writer, Cannabis edible creator and Cannabis advocate. When she isn’t cooking or writing you will find her on her porch reading with her cat Henry.

Jack Reed
Writer, Guitar picker and Southern Rock Historian. He has stories to tell, ask him about the Grateful Dead and he’ll keep you entertained all day.

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Cannabis Connect
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Cannabis Connect, connecting you to dagga, weed, dope and cannabis info you will find a collection of some of the best articles in South Africa on our favourite herb.

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Plants before Pills
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Plants Before Pills aspires to be a leading resource for medicinal cannabis education and natural healing.