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Your Weed Coupons

Save money on all your cannabis related needs with coupons and promo codes from Your Weed Coupons. You can make large savings on marijuana products purchased online including cannabis seeds at some of Europe, Canada and the USA’s largest seedbanks. Once you have the seeds you’ll want the best grow equipment and they offer discounts for hydroponics and complete grow set ups from High Times award winning companies. Need a new vaporizer? They have you covered there to. If you live in a legal country you can also find dispensary deals. So, if you are fed up of paying high prices, check out Your Weed Coupons and never pay full price again

Green Leaf Grow Supplies

As two local guys with heaps of practical experience with plants and the horticulture industry, our mission is simple: to provide high quality, energy efficient grow light solutions, delivered straight to your door.

For now, these lights will bring you joy and happiness as you grow your own food and meds. We look look forward to your support as well as the growth of the Cannabis and Horticulture industries in South Africa. Let’s educate each other and live for a sustainable future!

Gunja Guides

Trending cannabis news and excellent cannabis guides for products, growing, smoking and more. Download a free ganja grow guide or register as a member and get the neat ebook in your inbox. Also learn the difference between hemp oil and cannabis oil or ask a question yourself.
Los Angeles, CA United States
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Kushly is a premium CBD company providing the highest quality, full-spectrum CBD products on the market.
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Medical MJ
South Africa
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Medical MJ South Africa stocks Edibles, Designer Dabs, distillates and tinctures for the Sativa and Indica enthusiast

Consumption of Cannabis is no longer limited to smoking. Dosing can be done discretely improving quality of life and taking the edge off daily frustrations in this fast pace existence

Daily use of Cannabis is not to “switch off” your mind but rather make tasks more manageable while being in a calm state of mind

The healing qualities of Herb outweighs the HIGH in importance to us, we will assist you in finding the most effective dosing method for your needs, be it Pain Management, Stress Control, Sleep Aid or simply as a supplement to your daily life

Cannabis extract is available all over the web but please question the purity, dangerous solvents you are consuming, quality of herb, potency and starting product that’s laced with pesticides causing headaches and body pain, we exclusively make use of Heat Pressed Rosin from Bubble Hash or flower/BUD to craft our range of products from, no nasty chemicals present here

Medical MJ South Africa offers the healthiest and most effective methods of consuming marijuana.

The Secret Stash

With cannabis advocates winning the war to decriminalise marijuana globally many countries have taken a step in the correct direction.

THE SECRET STASH Organisation has developed a trading platform where anyone on the network can be a buyer, a merchant or both. Our organisation  aims to provide seamless and convenient

ways to trade cannabis or cannabis related products on a global scale. The platform is not limited to trading cannabis only.

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