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Bobby Greenhash Foundation -Joburg
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The Bobby Greenhash Foundation is dedicated to creating conversation and growing the understanding of the holistic benefits, legalisation and sustainable practices of alternative natural healing; integrating this ancient miracle plant back into modern society.

Founded in the memory of all of the millions of people that have been abandoned by the system, BGF inspires hope and empowers our community by giving them a choice.

“The Bobby Greenhash Foundation – Johannesburg” is a member of the organisation and an authorized distributor of our Alternative Natural Healing Products.

Fields of Green for All
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Through constructive discussion with interested individuals, parties and potential stakeholders in the South African Cannabis legalisation movement, we support litigation and are engaging with policy makers in order to construct South Africa’s Cannabis future in all of its varied facets. Since 2010, the call for the legalisation of Cannabis in South Africa has become increasing difficult to ignore.

It is no longer possible for individuals to take on this enormous task personally and that is why “Fields of Green for ALL” has been established. As founders, we look forward to working with ALL interested parties. We do not claim to have all the answers and it is not our intention to dictate the process. This organization is about inclusivity through constructive dialogue and input.

Cell: +27631740938
Friends of the Herb
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Friends of the Herb is an organisation dedicated to creating awareness in support of the legalisation of Cannabis in South Africa and the World.

Website Address: www.friendsoftheherb.org
Address: Cape Town
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Hemporium is a South African hemp company, founded in 1996, that is committed to showcasing all that hemp has to offer by providing quality products made from this eco-friendly and versatile plant. Hemporium is actively lobbying for legislation change in order to allow farmers to grow this beneficial resource so that we can source all our products, from seed to shirt, locally.

“Hemp” refers to the industrial uses of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Hemp varieties are typically non-psychoactive and are prized for the eco-friendly fibre, biomass and nutritious seeds.

Here at the Hemporium, we are dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions to the global need for sustainable materials.  Through our online hemp shop, we offer high quality, innovative products to raise awareness of the incredible versatility of industrial hemp. You can also call in at our hemp shop in Cape Town, South Africa, or find our products at several retailers around the country. See “contact us” for more.

Phone Number: +27217024988
Join the Queue
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This ‘Join the Queue’ website is a joint initiative between the Non-profit Company Fields of Green for ALL and The Dagga Couple. This is part of the campaign to legalize Cannabis in South Africa.

The main aim of this site is to provide access to legal information and the options which are available to South Africans facing Cannabis (Dagga / Marijuana) related criminal charges.

For more information on #dagga arrest and how to get a Stay of Prosecution, please purchase our Infopack.

Purchase the infopack HERE


Website Address: www.jointheq.co.za
Phone Number: +27115682466
The Dagga Couple
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The Dagga Couple (a phrase coined by the South African press) are preparing a case to apply for the opportunity to ask some very simple questions in the highest court in South Africa, The Constitutional Court. How come this benign, useful, non toxic, non lethal plant has lead to the persecution of so many people, in so many countries, for so long?

Website Address: www.daggacouple.co.za
Phone Number: +27 063 174 0938
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The Dagga Party
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The Dagga Party has been established to allow those voters who might support the legalization of dagga an opportunity to put aside political and cultural differences and to stand together at the ballot. Everyone in South Africa who plants, uses and respects the Dagga Tree (Cannabis sativa) are members of a multiracial cultural minority, the Dagga Culture of South Africa. We ask you all to stand together for justice, by:

registering to vote, and
becoming a member of the Dagga Party,
voting for the Dagga Party of South Africa in elections.

Website Address: www.daggaparty.org.za
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