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Cannabis World
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Cannabisworld.biz is an online cannabis directory and video channel website. Daily updated and fresh content from around the world.  Listings of Dispensaries, Doctors and Deliveries on all four corners.


Website Address: www.cannabisworld.biz
Cannasseur Council
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Council is now in session.

Website Address: www.cannasseurcouncil.com
Address: Cape Town
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Hemporium is a South African hemp company, founded in 1996, that is committed to showcasing all that hemp has to offer by providing quality products made from this eco-friendly and versatile plant. Hemporium is actively lobbying for legislation change in order to allow farmers to grow this beneficial resource so that we can source all our products, from seed to shirt, locally.

“Hemp” refers to the industrial uses of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Hemp varieties are typically non-psychoactive and are prized for the eco-friendly fibre, biomass and nutritious seeds.

Here at the Hemporium, we are dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions to the global need for sustainable materials.  Through our online hemp shop, we offer high quality, innovative products to raise awareness of the incredible versatility of industrial hemp. You can also call in at our hemp shop in Cape Town, South Africa, or find our products at several retailers around the country. See “contact us” for more.

Phone Number: +27217024988
High Times
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HIGH TIMES is the definitive resource for all things cannabis. From cultivation and legalization, to entertainment and culture, to hard-hitting news exposing the War on Drugs, HIGH TIMES has been the preeminent source for cannabis information since 1974.

Our publication has featured original works from some of the great names in counterculture and literature including Truman Capote, Hunter S.Thompson, Charles Bukowski and William Burroughs, to name a few. That history of excellence continues to this day with a focus on exposing the truth, presenting the public with the latest information and research findings, and advocating for a legal and safe cannabis industry.

Website Address: www.hightimes.com
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We are a group of concerned citizens that is enabling fellow citizens to voice their support for issues surrounding the Cannabis industry. This website will be updated periodically.

In the event where you like to get in touch with us, please feel free to contact sprout at highalert dot co dot za.
You can follow us at:


Website Address: www.highalert.co.za
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Website Address: www.iseekush.com
Instagram : iseekush
Facebook: iSeeKush
Legalize It. We think so
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Catch up on the latest news, read strain reviews, find how to guides and access information on the latest health benefits of Marijuana. Legalize It. We Think So. is a one stop site for all things cannabis with new content being added regularly by our team of writers based all over the world.

Website Address: www.liwts.org
Maryjanes Almanac
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You answered it yourself. I’m Mary Jane! As an investigative writer in the world of marijuana, cannabis, CBD…whatever your flavor. Wouldn’t it be cool if I had some crazy story about growing up in a small town or big city? Perhaps some defying the odds tale about fighting off a wild raccoons to protect my belongings on a camping trip, only to have them take everything but my laptop. I mean, I can come up with something like that if you want but I would rather cut the fluff and chat about the things we are here to chat about. The other Mary Jane.

Website Address: www.maryjanesalmanac.com
Instagram : MaryJAlmanac
Facebook: MJ Almanac
Weed Daily
Address: 3503 Jack Northrop Ave
Suite #AT158
Hawthorne, CA
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Weed Daily strives to be your #1 resource for cannabis related news and entertainment. Headed up by Randy Bishop and a team of content creators.

Randy Bishop
Weeddaily.net founder. Cannabis advocate and entrepreneur.

Danielle Ludwig
City girl living in the sticks, cannabis enthusiast and the least organized person you’ll ever meet. Can usually be seen with a toddler on her hip and wearing too much eyeliner.

Sarah Pope
Freelance writer, Cannabis edible creator and Cannabis advocate. When she isn’t cooking or writing you will find her on her porch reading with her cat Henry.

Jack Reed
Writer, Guitar picker and Southern Rock Historian. He has stories to tell, ask him about the Grateful Dead and he’ll keep you entertained all day.

Website Address: www.weeddaily.net
Address: Denmark
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Wir von WeedHack sind ein Gesundheits- und Lifestyle Brand. Auf Grund des wachsenden Marktes, gerade im Bereich „Cannabis als Medizin“ und dem „Freizeitkonsum“, möchten wir interessierten Menschen die Möglichkeit bieten, wahrhaftige Informationen und Wissen sich anzueignen.

Website Address: https://weedhack.de
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