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Cannabis Vape
Address: South Africa
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E-Juices promoted by Cannabis Vape South Africa has been made for those who want to medicate through inhaling the cannabis without the characteristic smell of the marijuana smoke.

Now you can medicate anywhere with no need to excuse yourself and leave social gathering just to return smelling like marijuana joint.

Our high quality made e-juices are designed for all sorts of vaping e-cigarettes designed for e-juice liquids.

Our cannabis Vape E-Juice is made from extracted pure medical cannabis concentrate oils and converted into powerful e-juice so you can medicate discreetly anywhere. Liquid cannabis oil extract is all the rage for those who are fans of both marijuana and vaporizers.

It is so far the healthiest and most effective way of smoking marijuana. It contains all of the healing benefits of cannabis.

Our extraction process removes all but the medical essential oils in the cannabis plant.  Literally all of the characteristic smell is removed. Safe and discreet.

Website Address: www.shadowjuice.co.za
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At CuraNatura we are serious about growing Cannabis and making extracts the right way. We use only organic plant material grown by our knowledgeable cultivation team. Our extraction standards ensure as clean a product as possible.

Website Address: www.curanatura.co.za
Cell: +27720284840
Green Dragon
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Welcome to Green Dragon – Tincture of Cannabis.
Cannabis Tinctures are produced in South Africa. We strive to maintain a high work ethic and provide a product which will be of benefit to people in South Africa who may need it.
It is supplied in a 50ml Green glass bottle dropper.
Our tinctures of Cannabis Oil are made using 40% food grade ethanol (alcohol) and Cannabis grown in South Africa.

We currently have two products on offer:

decarboxylated R500 (THC activated, “high” effect, good for pain relief)
non-decarboxylated R450 (THC inactive, no intoxicating effect, good for general health)

Website Address: www.greendragon.co.za
Cell: +27814115496
Green Phoenix
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We use the same strains with our products, if we do change the strain we will test the new strain before we make it available. Our equipment we use for the extraction and infusion processes guarantees us that our products remain the same from one batch to the next, no guess work involved.
If you are getting your products at a very low price, ask yourself why? For some of our members the medicine means life or death. We take your life seriously, end of story, NO exceptions.
Feel free to contact us if you need more information.

Website Address: www.greenphoenix.co.za
Cell: +27627115103
Outsider Labs
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We provide alternative medical solutions in the form of the purest CBD extract products available in Africa. Please view our selection of CBD Dominant extracts.

Every batch is extensively tested for quality and safety. All oils are purified via fractional distillation and chromatography for guaranteed purity and efficacy.

Our selection includes:

Full Strength – 25ml and 50ml
Extra Strength – 25ml and 50ml
Pangamic Blend – 25ml and 50ml
Honey Infused – 25ml and 50ml
Cannabis Balm  – 100ml and 250ml

Website Address: www.outsiderlabs.net
Wild Alchemy
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Our aim is to provide natural, wildly grown plant extracts, oils, tinctures, and essences.
All products are produced naturally and grown without pesticides or chemicals.
Our website is live. You can view our products and price list.
You can contact us by email us and we will be happy to assist you with all your queries.

Website Address: www.wildalchemy.co.za
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Medical MJ
Address: South Africa
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Medical MJ South Africa stocks Edibles, Designer Dabs, distillates and tinctures for the Sativa and Indica enthusiast

Consumption of Cannabis is no longer limited to smoking. Dosing can be done discretely improving quality of life and taking the edge off daily frustrations in this fast pace existence

Daily use of Cannabis is not to “switch off” your mind but rather make tasks more manageable while being in a calm state of mind

The healing qualities of Herb outweighs the HIGH in importance to us, we will assist you in finding the most effective dosing method for your needs, be it Pain Management, Stress Control, Sleep Aid or simply as a supplement to your daily life

Cannabis extract is available all over the web but please question the purity, dangerous solvents you are consuming, quality of herb, potency and starting product that’s laced with pesticides causing headaches and body pain, we exclusively make use of Heat Pressed Rosin from Bubble Hash or flower/BUD to craft our range of products from, no nasty chemicals present here

Medical MJ South Africa offers the healthiest and most effective methods of consuming marijuana.