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The Hemp Healer
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Here at The Hemp Healer, our primary focus is manufacturing small batch, full spectrum CBD Oil in Australia, using the entire cannabis plant. We don’t use a synthetic isolate and we don’t add anything else other than what we extract from the plant matter (apart from coconut oil). We produce only pure, organic hemp oil that’s been manufactured by a team of people who collectively have 32 years experience in growing and extracting CBD Oil in Australia.

We have made our website as easy to use as possible. When you’re ready, click the “Buy Now” link below and it will add our tincture to your cart, or click “Full Details” for more information on our CBD tincture.

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Weed Seeds Australia
Address: Australia
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We stock premium grade medical and cannabis cup winner strains, grow guides, fertilisers, grow boosters, mould & pest control products plus more.

Growing your own weed couldn’t get any easier if you’re with us. We have taken the time out to research what goes into a plant to make sure it’s a beauty. Weed Seeds Australia take pride in making sure our customers are completely equipped with the right knowledge of marijuana strains, soil, fertilisers, pest and diseases etc before growing.

To start you off, we have a free outdoor grow guide for you to follow. After that, it is recommended you purchase the perfect strain for you, good quality soil, fertilisers and mould & pest control products to ensure your grow goes well.

Address: Brisbane, Australia
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Thank you for finding this profile, my name is Jordan. I’m just an ordinary guy with a passion and a dream of love to create independent art for the sake of art. I guess the medium finds the artist as much as the artist finds the medium. I live in Australia as a citizen and have always loved hip hop from a childhood spent in California. It gave me a dream, a revolution if you would.

It became my culture. So I’ve tried my hand a few times over the decades and came up with #homiemade & FRS International after years of practice plus trial and error. There are over 100 original recordings that I have somehow managed to create from nothing with nothing in that time and a few are showcased here for people to enjoy.

Website Address: http://www.homiemade.org
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