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Finding a Chronic Job in the Cannabis Industry

nowhiringThe Cannabis Industry is new, exciting, dynamic and looking for people like you!!

The American market is reportedly expected to grow by a quarter of a million new jobs by 2020 and break through $ 20 Billion revenues. Still in the early growth stages, the world of cannabis offers many different careers and lots of potential. From starting your own niche business to working in cannabis customer care ( bud-tending ) , security, managing, extraction technicians, among many other opportunities.

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TOP Premium 5 PIECE Herb Grinder

Premium 5 PIECE Herb GrinderTOP Premium 5 PIECE Herb Grinder in Stylish Giftbox 

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Large Unique 2.5” Aircraft Aluminum Mill with Diamond Teeth & Pollen Catcher for weed tobacco spices. FREE Luxury Pouch, Ebook & Scraper

  • UNIQUE & INNOVATIVE DESIGN – 5 PIECE with 2 Filtration stainless steel mesh screens for ULTRA FINE grinds. The NEW Octagon lid together with the poly O-ring design provides you with better grip for effortless grinding!
  •  TRENDY HIGH QUALITY GIFT PACKAGING – Product packaging designed in USA and does not come in soft unprotected paper boxes that compromise product quality. With an eye-catching design, the high quality gift packaging presents this weed grinder set as the perfect gift for any occasion!
  • A CLASS ABOVE THE REST – Made of carefully selected PREMIUM scratch resistant anodized aerospace aluminum milled by latest CNC technology. 50 ultra-sharp curved diamond teeth mean that FC Herb Grinder shred herbs very efficiently and safely. Fitted with powerful neodymium magnets, the lids seal tightly to trap any herb smell inside the tobacco grinder (ODOUR-FREE) and keep the herbs fresh and clean.Buy Now.


The Benefits of CBD

THC ( Tetrahydrocannabinol ) is a popular cannabinoid found in cannabis and is well known around the world as the “high” in cannabis. THC is one of over 100 compounds found in cannabis. CBD ( Cannabidiol ) is a lesser known cannabinoid and taken the medical industry by storm through public support and effective treatment for many diseases and ailments. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of CBD and what conditions one can treat with this wonderful “drug”.

CBD is the non-psychoactive compound of cannabis and has been discovered to have many medicinal benefits, such as; anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticonvulsant, and an antipsychotic agent. It is, therefore, a very effective treatment for depression, epilepsy, oxidative injury, vomiting, nausea, anxiety, schizophrenia, seizures, and insomnia. Most notably, CBD has been seen to assist in reducing cancerous tumors in people, with no real side-effects that traditional medicines provide.

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Ways To Pass A Drug Test For Weed

drugtestSome of us use marijuana for medicinal purposes, some for enjoy, but we all face the same problem, when we apply for a job – a drug test. Fortunately, there are few ways to pass it:


Stop using

The best strategy to pass a drug test is just stop using marijuana. The more days since last use, the greater the degree that the body naturally detoxifies itself. And herein lays a quandary. Everybody functions differently; bodies metabolize and expel toxins at different rates.

Factors affecting the body’s natural detoxification include weight, body fat index, metabolism, diet, fluid intake, disease or disorders, and other substances taken including prescriptions, otc medications, and supplements.

Our liver plays a key role in eliminating toxins from our bodies by monitoring metabolism and acting as a detoxifying organ. Increasing the efficiency of this organ, naturally and safely, can decrease the amount of time needed to pass drug tests.
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Durban Poison

Durban Poison
Durban Poison

For patients who need the energetic, functional qualities of a sativa strain, Durban Poison can provide all of that and a whole lot more. The sweet tang emitted from the frosted dark green flowers is in a category all to itself.

In all seasons, the Northwest is an ideal place to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature’s bounty. Whether it’s hiking up a river trail to gain access to your favorite secluded swimming hole in the summer, or skiing/boarding the slopes of our mountains in the winter. Camping out with friends and family for the weekend or your own personal time just getting out there, Durban is one of the single best medications to do it with.

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How to detox from marijuana

Marijuana can be used for medicinal or entertainment purposes, but it may also prevent you from passing an important pre-employment drug test unless you know how to detox from it. So, what are the most trustworthy ways to get marijuana out of your system and how much time does it take to detox?

Drug tests often involve urinalysis, blood or saliva tests aimed at detecting metabolites of THC. Cannabinoids are normally accumulated in the system (hair follicles and finger nails included!) with the speed that depends on the number of factors: the frequency of use, the drug potency, the body fat rate, overall health, metabolism rates, and the amount of physical activity. You need to know that it will take up to several weeks for the body to do the job and remove all the weed traces. Alternatively, if you lack time before a drug test, you can assist the body in a number of ways and detox from marijuana much faster. Here are the three basic ways to choose from.

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Reasons to Use a Marijuana Tincture?

tinctureThe following are some reasons why you should use a marijuana tincture.

Of course, if you use a marijuana tincture, you will lose some of the social aspects that smoking gives you. But marijuana tinctures are more private, secretive and efficient.

1 – Easy to take: Marijuana tinctures do not generate any smoke or dirt unlike smoking. They are good for those that are so sick that they can’t swallow or chew easily.

2- No smell: Marijuana tinctures have no unique or recognizable smell. You don’t have to worry about anyone catching you using it.
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